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Which Requires Immediate Attention? The Common Symptoms of Electrical Problems

electrician fixing electricity box

Electrical wiring issues are fairly common, and this is especially true for old houses. Sometimes, the problem stems from the age of the wiring or the difference in requirements. Today’s electrical needs are by far more than what was a common design decades ago. In cases when these problems are obvious, they can be fixed by an electrician in Wellington.

Symptoms and Early Signs

In most households today, electrical wiring is hidden within the walls. Older houses, however, had their wiring in plain sight and are running from the walls to the ceiling. If your house still has this kind of layout, better replace the entire electrical wirings immediately. Hidden wiring is more aesthetically pleasing and can hide potential problems.

The most common household electrical problems include flickering lights, power surges, dead outlets and lights, tripping breakers, fewer outlets, frequent burning out of light bulbs, and uncovered junction box. Flickering lights are usually caused by poor electrical connections, like a bad connection indoors or even a frayed wiring outdoors. Light bulbs that burn out often may be caused by a number of reasons, including high wattage and poor wiring.

When a house does not have an adequate number of outlets, the owner is forced to use extension cords. If the problem is the design of the house, it’s necessary to add more wall outlets. An uncovered junction box is a matter of negligence. Junction boxes should always be covered.

Appliances and Electrical Mains

Tripping breakers may be caused by a loose connection or a faulty appliance. It’s possible that the circuit breaker itself is the one at fault. Worn-out outlets lead to dead outlets and dead lights. When there’s no more connection between the outlet and the main electrical wiring, it’s time to take action. Power surges can be from an increase in power from the electrical main, or it can also be due to one of the appliances shutting down.

Most of the problems above may not immediately lead to a fire, but you shouldn’t wait for the house to burn down before doing those repairs. A professional electrician can help assess problems at home and recommend solutions, so call them right away.

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