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When You Need to See a Dentist Quickly

Couple visiting a dental clinic

Generally, it’s a great idea to research and find a dentist long before there’s a problem to be fixed. However, finding a dentist can sometimes be a nightmare, especially as, inevitability it’s been left too long and restorative treatment is required. Looking for a good dentist in Erskineville, firstly it’s good to work out what care and treatment is required. It’s then important to look at what the dental practice can offer.

Treatments that may be needed when pain sets in

Chipping or breaking teeth can lead to holes in the enamel that leave the tooth exposed to attack from decay and disease. Dental crowns and veneers act as shields to protect underlying tissues. Both treatments colour-match the tooth using either porcelain or dental composite. Veneers are bonded to the tooth, completely covering the front surface, making it whole and strong again. Crowns sit over the tooth, protecting the entire tooth, allowing normal eating and cleaning to take place.

If the tooth needs to be extracted by the dentist in Erskineville, it’s good to ensure the dentist can offer treatments to replace the tooth. Dental clinics such as the Healthy Smile Centre, offer dental implants that replace the entire tooth. Dental implants are made from titanium screws that are placed into the jawbone. During a healing period, the jawbone grows new tissue all over the surface of the implant, thus creating an exceptionally strong, stable platform for a crown or denture to be attached to. This incredible treatment creates a tooth replacement that is almost indistinguishable from natural teeth in both form and function.

Pain can also be experienced from ongoing issues such as wisdom teeth or an issue with abscesses. It’s important to seek dental help as soon as possible if severe pain is being experienced. It is pretty easy to locate a dentist in Erskineville that offers emergency, same-day appointments to either give treatment or to relieve pain and set up a treatment plan to address the issue at hand. Attending a clinic that has the ability to respond to an emergency with pain-relief and restorative dentistry ensures that whatever life brings, a great dentist is on hand.

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