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Vape 101: Facts to Know

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Cigarette companies, doctors, friends, families, and even random strangers might warn you of the dangers of smoking whenever they see you huff a puff. But, like other vices, quitting smoking is not something one can easily do. Then enters electronic cigarettes, or more commonly known as vapes.

Over the years, people who are into vaping have significantly increased and vape franchise opportunities for vapers and businessmen alike are similarly growing. Whether you are a businessman who wants to get into the vaping industry, or simply a new vaper who wants to know more about vaping, this is the right article for you.

Vape facts

There is nicotine in vapes

The thing that makes smoking addicting is the presence of nicotine topped with tobacco. This is the reason why people who suddenly quit smoking suffer from the effects of nicotine withdrawal. Vapes are often seen as a safer alternative to conventional smoking because of the absence of tobacco, but it is important to note that nicotine is also present albeit in small and adjustable amounts.

Shift from smoking

Adjustable amounts of nicotine levels help make quitting easier for smokers. Symptoms from immediate withdrawal can be lessened with the help of vapes through a gradual reduction of nicotine levels in the electronic cigarette they are smoking.

Less harmful than tobacco

The absence of tobacco itself makes vaping a safer alternative according to studies and medical journals. Daily cigarette smoking is dangerous to one’s health because it increases the risks of diseases like heart attacks and even lung cancer. When tobacco is taken out of the equation and is replaced with a safer alternative (i.e. vapors), then the risk is immediately reduced.

Vaping community

Vaping is more than just a pastime or a habit. It has actually become a community where fellow vapers share their passion for the activity and even conduct friendly events and competition.

Getting into the vaping industry soon? Knowing these things can help make your entrance into this new field a lot easier.

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