Why Delayed Projects are a Big No-No in the Construction Industry

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Construction Delays

Delay is one of the greatest enemies of efficiency in any workplace. It slows down work and ruins projected plans. The stakes are higher with a construction project; the cost of delayed delivery of construction projects may lead to contract termination or lawsuits between owners and contractors.

Ensuring that a building project proceeds with little to no delays is not that easy to achieve. It requires coordination and professionalism throughout the process. Here are a few factors you need to consider.

Hiring the Right People

The heightened consequence of delays in a construction setting makes it more necessary to hire a construction company with an intensive knowledge of the industry and has the expertise of all the steps in the building process. Form Direct states that high-quality and reliable concrete construction supplies and equipment in every construction project are also vital to warrant there will be no unforeseen problems in the process.

Taking in the right people is so important that the Australian government recently announced that it would be establishing the Critical Infrastructure Centre to ‘protect vital national infrastructure from sabotage, espionage and coercion,’ Reuters reported.

Perpetual Balance Act

Any project manager can attest that there should always be a balance of three components for a project to work out: time, quality, and cost. However, there is an innate quality of these three factors that makes it hard to improve one thing without compromising the other. For example, speeding up the construction means you have to spend more on additional resources.

Cutting back on the cost, on the other hand, might jeopardise the quality of the project.  Additionally, if you try to add more features and improve the function of a construction project, it takes a toll on time and budget.

Although it is a laborious and complicated process, a good project manager finds a way to advance these three factors without sacrificing the other.

Delayed construction projects can be very costly and, in some cases, may lead to lawsuits. To avoid this, you should hire the right people, have an excellent project management and reliable equipment.

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