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Types of Land Use Activities That Will Require Resource Consent

There are many legal issues involved with land ownership. Among the rules, you should comply with the use of your land and its subdivision and those of the regional and district council where your property is located. These rules are meant to minimise the impact of various activities on the city’s plan. There are several permitted activities, but for some, a resource consent is required.

The activities that require you to apply for resource consent are those which the council feels that need management. Here are some of them:

Controlled Activity

Among the controlled activities involve air, land, and water pollution. The common pollutant discharges include smoke, dust, landfill, and contaminated water. Though rare, the council might refuse to grant resource consent for controlled activities that will pose significant natural hazards.

Restricted Discretionary Activity

When assessing your application for resource consent, the council restricts its discretion to only the matters subject to regulations. Some permissible activities might fall under restricted discretionary if they fail to meet set council standards. The council may grant or refuse your resource consent, or it may impose conditions you have to meet with respect to the matters which it has exercised discretion.

Non-Complying Activity

These are activities that do not meet the set criteria for discretionary or controlled activities. In this case, the applicant must prove that any activity they intend to carry meets the threshold test. The resource consent will only be granted if the council is sure that the activity is not contrary to the policies and objectives of the committee.

Failure to apply for resource consent in the above activities has heavy fines. It might also lead to incarceration and a considerable waste of resources. Before you embark on any project on your land or subdivision, get a surveyor to guide you to avoid any issues with your town council.

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