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Top Reasons to Install Wood Fencing

Wood fences are an excellent choice for home and business owners who require a simple, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective option that will blend in well with the existing structures. If properly maintained, wood fencing can last for years and will remain in the same shape as it was while new.

So before you contact a fence company in Grand Rapids, here is why you should choose wood fencing.

Variety of Style

The diversity of lumber types and styles made wood fences famous. You may use a variety of wood types and species, including red cedar and hardwood. After deciding on the type of wood, you can choose the style that will suit your project. The most common styles include picket, stockade, board on board, spaced board, and paddock.

Easy to Customize

Most people choose this fencing option because it is easy to customize depending on specific requirements. For instance, you can paint a wood fence to match the color of your home. You can also adjust it to a height that will provide you with the much-needed privacy, or you can set it to a height that will match the gate and other security features in your property.


Wood fencing is among the most affordable fencing options in the world today. Compared to vinyl, aluminum, and wrought iron, wood is the cheapest. In addition, wood fencing has minimal maintenance cost, as it only requires occasional cleaning and painting. With proper care and maintenance, a wood fence can last for up to 50 years.

Regardless of why or where you need a new fence, it is important to have it installed by a reputable fence company. This ensures that you have a professionally installed and finished fencing that can last for many years.

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