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Top Qualities Your Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Attorney Must Have

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When looking for a bankruptcy lawyer to help you get relief from your financial hardships, you need to be careful about making decisions. Your choice of lawyer will determine whether you will succeed in getting a new financial start. You need to look for a few important qualities.

Utah Bankruptcy Pros discusses the traits your prospective Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorney must have.


Your lawyer must have the right training and exposure to bankruptcy cases. He must have expertise in the particular bankruptcy type you intend to file. Likewise, he must be up-to-date on the most recent tax laws.


The attorney must have several years of experience in bankruptcy law practice. He must be familiar with local rules, judges’ rulings, trustee preferences, and working with lawyers of local creditors. Preferably, he has an active practice in bankruptcy cases. Likewise, he should have a good track record of success.

Reasonable Rates

The lawyer must charge fair and reasonable fees. There must be flexible payment options to suit your particular situation. The ideal bankruptcy attorney must be able to save you more than what you will spend for his services.

Stay away from lawyers who charge rock-bottom rates, as this is usually a sign of poor track record and low quality services. Likewise, the highest rates don’t necessarily equate to the best services.

Personalized Service

You should be able to direct your concerns to your lawyer, and not through his aide or secretary. Before setting up a meeting, insist on speaking with the attorney who will handle your case. If you can speak and meet only with an associate, you will not get the personalized and specialized type of service you need to go through your financial ordeal.

Credit Repair Resources

Your prospective lawyer must have the right resources that can help rebuild your credit after filing for bankruptcy. He must also be able to provide you with credit counseling to keep you on the right track in the future. Your bankruptcy attorney is not a credit repair expert, but he should be able to refer you to one, if necessary.

These are just some of the qualities you should look for in a bankruptcy lawyer. Work with an attorney who has these traits and you’ll have better chances of achieving positive results.

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