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The Wish: Writing Your Last Will and Testament

last will and testament paper

Many shy away from writing their last will and testament. For these people, it would feel like they are writing something ominous. But if you are a practical person, you greatly know that it is a necessary step, especially if you do not want to break your family.

A lot of conflicts happen when the family is left behind with no specific orders on how to manage your post-life affairs. A will can keep that from happening. Think of it as a set of instructions that your family should follow. Here are three of the things that should appear in your last will and testament.

The Division of Your Assets

Firstly, this should be prioritized. You do not want your family fighting over your undivided property, as conflicts such as that may get complicated and long. Keep the possibility at bay by identifying which goes to who or who receives what. But keep in mind appropriateness of the assignment; you do not want to give your Americana collection to your son who does not want it or has no affinity for design.

The Appropriate Guardians

If you are expecting that you will leave earlier than expected and you have kids, it will be wise to identify the guardians who will take care of them. You can even specify instructions on how to access funds that will help the guardians in raising your children.

Funeral Arrangements

Often, people forget that they can write down in the will some funeral wishes. This is where you can specify your preferred funeral arrangements. You can write if you want a traditional burial or cremation in Ogden.

These are only some of the things that you can write on your will. If you want to be more specific, you can always seek the advice of a lawyer specializing in estate planning.

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