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The Six Second Break-In: Thieves Use Coat Hangers to Get Into a Garage

Burglar forcibly breaking in a property

A lot can happen in six seconds, and one of them is breaking into a garage. Thieves have, in fact, come up with a way to use coat hangers to automatically roll-up a garage door.

Some homeowners are familiar with the coat hanger trick. A few even admit to using a coat hanger or a similar item to unlock a garage door when they find themselves locked out of the house. Thieves who make use of the break-in technique more frequently can get inside the garage in a matter of seconds.

Garage Doors are a Vulnerable Entrance Point of the Home

The front door isn’t the only way burglars can get into the house. The attached garage is also an attractive option for burglars — nearly 10% of all burglaries happen because of a lack of proper garage door protection. Additionally, since the garage is unoccupied most of the time and usually lacks the proper lighting, it gives intruders a perfect opportunity to strike.

Pulling Off the Coat Hanger Trick

Pulling off the six-second garage door break-in technique is easy. All a criminal must do is slip a coat hanger through the top of the garage door, pop the emergency latch, and pull on it to disengage the safety release. Afterward, an intruder can free the door and slide it open manually.

A Low-Cost Way to Keep Garage Doors Protected

The garage door may be a gateway to the home, but O’Brien Garage Doors reminds homeowners that the right repair and installation services are the best defenses against the coat hanger break-in technique. On top of securing their garage doors, homeowners can either have the release lever on their garage door disabled or secure the release mechanism with a piece of wire. Furthermore, homeowners may opt to weave a zip-tie into the holes of the emergency latch to prevent tampering.

Thieves might have come up with new ways to break into a house undetected within seconds, but there are lost-cost fixes for the coat hanger trick. Homeowners should, therefore, capitalize on security to decrease the chance of garage break-ins.

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