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The Interiors: Floating Staircases and Minimalist Homes

floating staircase design

The staircase is one of the key elements of home design. You must choose yours carefully because it will say a lot about how beautiful and functional your household is. Although traditional staircases are still in, it’s time to look into other modern constructions. Floating stairs, for example, offers a handful of benefits that could improve the aesthetic vibe of your home.

Minimalist Homes and Floating Stairs: A Match Made in Heaven

Minimalist homes require an ultra-contemporary staircase design. That’s exactly what a floating stairs construction could offer. It provides an open space, making your home feel and look like it’s more spacious than it actually is.

The engineering of floating stairs made it so versatile that you’ll be left with an extra space, which you could use for many things like storage or a reading nook. Here are some of its obvious advantages:

  • Added Space. An extra open space can be useful for a lot of things. You can use it for another purpose or leave it as is to leave the impression of openness. Other times, you can turn it into the focal point of your home design by adding some personalised style to it.
  • Versatility. Floating stairs offer endless options in providing the necessary impression you would want for your home. You can have it on a straight flight or one that is divided into platforms.
  • Looks Oh-so-amazing. You cannot deny the added beauty that a floating stairs construction could provide. It definitely looks amazing and could easily make up a nice accent piece to your living room area or whichever part of the house it ended up in.

Choosing your staircase could be daunting. You have to think and choose carefully. Certainly, floating stairs are some of your best options with its handful of advantages.


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