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The Applications of Progressive Cavity Pumping Systems

utilities workers using cavity pump

Are you looking for an ideal equipment that can pump fluids regardless of the pressure at the inlet? Then, progressive cavity pumping systems are what you should be getting from your pump suppliers. These can pump fluids at a constant velocity even when there’s a variance in the fluid pressure. They use a suction inlet to draw fluid into a casing with a stator and rotor, then direct the fluid to an outlet that pumps out the fluid.

Progressive cavity pumping systems have useful applications in the following areas:

Handling Shear-Sensitive Liquids

The functioning speed of these pumps dictates the speed at which the fluid flows. As a result, there’s minimal shear on the fluid in question. In combination with the minimum velocity of these pumps, they are ideal when handling fragile fluids or those that are shear-sensitive.

Transporting Abrasive Fluids

Most pumps allow the fluid in transit to travel at high speed within the casing walls. In such cases, if the fluids are a composition of abrasive solids, they will scour the inside of the walls and cause wear and tear on the pump. These pumps, however, do not let the abrasive elements to thrust at high speed, which protects your pump from wear.

Metering and Dosing

In metering applications, the fluid should exhibit a smooth flow. Progressive cavity pumping systems allow just that thanks to its ability to stop flow pulsation. When a pump is operating at a low speed, the flow rate is also low. Therefore, these pumps are best for dosing fluids with high viscosity.

If your task involves abrasive fluids, progressive cavity pumping systems are the ideal equipment for it. After you’re sure with the type of pump to get from your pump suppliers, you should look at the size, and pumping power of the different pumps during the pump selection process.

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