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Take Care of Your Solar Energy Investment With a Maintenance Checklist

Solar panels on the rooftop of a house

Solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays are providing off-the-grid electricity to thousands of homes and business establishments in America today. If you have an installation, you are probably wondering what it takes to maintain it. A sustainable system is possible only if you maintain it well.

Otherwise, it may not work optimally. You want to ensure the safety of the scheme as well, which makes regular inspection and checking a requirement.

Low Maintenance

Overall, PV arrays are low maintenance. They can endure exposure to the elements, and they are under protection structurally. However, you must be sure the panels are working at an optimal rate to get maximum benefit from them.

You can ignore them for a few months, but you still have to make sure they are generating as much energy as possible. General upkeep requires cleaning to remove bird droppings, pollen, dust, and particulate matter for maximum efficiency.

Moreover, the array must point in the right direction—the ideal azimuth angle based on your location. Remove shading elements as well.

Taking Good Care of Your Investment

A PV array installed by a commercial solar power company in Delaware such as TerraSol Energies, Inc. is an important investment. You must commission routine maintenance by professionals, but you must know about the basics as well.

Remember, you want the array to work at maximum efficiency at all times and avoid risking reducing their lifespan.

Regular Maintenance Check

complete maintenance check should involve site verification, cleanliness of photovoltaic modules and visual check for fractures, color change, corrosion, and moisture penetration. Inspection of junction boxes for water accumulation, the integrity of cables, clamps, conduits, and connections is part of the routine.

Verifying bypass diodes and mechanical integrity of wiring connections are part of the inspection as well. The mounting structures must remain stable and reliable to avoid sudden accidents.

Some home and business owners opt to do their inspection and maintenance check. You may do so as well. Prepare the right tools, bring a checklist, and see to it that your investment is operating optimally.

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