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How to Start a Dental Relationship

Moving to the big smoke, as people in the know call London, can seem daunting, whether people are coming from elsewhere in the UK or from abroad. London town (another name) is huge. It’s exciting and everyone seems looks like they have been here forever. Truth is, it takes a good couple of years to […]

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Dental Transformation with Dental Implants

Dental implants in St John’s Wood are replacement teeth that are considered the closest approximation to natural teeth available. They last for decades and integrate with the jawbone to provide all the functionality and strength of natural teeth. Carefully customised to look realistic, they can restore any number of lost teeth. They’ll work whether the […]

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Discreetly Realigning the Teeth

a woman wearing Invisalign

Straightening the teeth can be a comfortable and user-friendly experience for patients of a contemporary dentist. Invisalign is a clear aligner that uses low-visibility materials and a precisely-shaped design to make treatment discreet and convenient. Having Invisalign in Sydney CBD will improve the appearance and effectiveness of poorly-positioned teeth. Long-term improvements This modern realignment process […]

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What are the Advantages of Having Dental Implants?

Girl having her teeth checked

Getting dental implants, from a practitioner like Joe Bhat, is a big step. It is important for patients to understand the benefits of this innovative dental solution so that they can look forward to the results during their treatment. A great practitioner, like Joe Bhat, will also discuss the challenges and risks involved in any […]

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Leading the Technological Revolution in West Malling: Invisalign

Girl wearing Invisalign

Is technology our foe or our friend? While we aren’t quite facing a Terminator-style, apocalyptic, robotic future right now, many question the wisdom of being so reliant on technology. But like it or not, almost every aspect of life is touched by tech somehow. Even the local dental surgery uses 3D imaging to map out […]