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Stop Right Now: Mistakes Against Your Dishwasher

Personnel checking a dishwasher

Your dishwasher can go from convenience to inconvenience if you don’t treat it right. Apart from not getting your dishes fully cleaned, you may also degrade the efficiency of the appliance and shorten its lifespan.

This only makes it important to use it properly and be aware of the mistakes you are committing against your dishwasher. Appliance repair experts in Utah All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. share the mistakes that almost everybody makes when using the dishwasher:

1. Piling too many dishes

While it is better to run the appliance on full loads, overloading the dishwasher might not get all the dishes cleaned. If some plates and utensils are blocked, the water can’t reach them, and you may end up with half-cleaned dishes. You may then need to load and run the unit twice.

2. Putting goods knives in the appliance

You can keep your good knives good by not putting them in the dishwasher. It is better to hand wash precious and expensive knives as the high heat, abrasive detergent, and rubbing of knives against their dishes may ruin, dull, and discolor them. Ceramic knives are at a greater risk due to their brittleness.

3. Having your spoons nestled together

While this can save space, this also means that the water and soap cannot get in between them. A much better arrangement is to alternate spoons and the forks, with one headed up and another headed down. You are more likely to get the best results when the utensils are separated and not nestled together.

4. Loading the unit incorrectly

When filling your dishwasher, be sure not to put dishes on the top rack. This area belongs to the cups, glasses, mugs, and small bowls.

Plates and larger bowls should be on the bottom shelf, while pans and trays should be on the sides of the bottom rack. Make sure that there no items that blocking the water and detergent.

5. Not reading and following the manual

Even if you think you know how to use a dishwasher, its best to read the manual just to be sure. You should also know that every dishwasher is unique and different, so a manual will instruct on how to use and treat it right.

Don’t the let the dishwasher work against your favor with these mistakes. If you’re having problems with your unit, call an appliance repair expert to have it checked and repaired.

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