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Shared Space: The Modern Way of Working in an Office

Empty office meeting room

Nowadays, you have either too much or too little space. This is not just the case for residential rentals, but office spaces as well. For example, there are many law firms in the Chicago area that are looking to sublease a portion of their office space, a service that firms such as Legal-Lease can help you with.

Usually, these are large firms with 10 or more attorneys opting to rent a bigger office space in the beginning, to ensure there is enough room for everyone.

Why is this a thing now? Here are some probable reasons.

The Subleasing Advantage

Shared space means shared expenses. The lessor can even earn a profit by subleasing a spare room or unused space within their rented space. The lessee can enjoy perquisites like building and office security, cleaning services, and other resources available at the subleased space for a minimum cost.

Many law offices turn spare rooms into something profitable for the law firm by subleasing it. There are a handful of solo practitioners or boutique law firms working in the same area, who are also looking for a small office to work in.

The Networking Advantage

If you are a solo practitioner or a boutique law firm, sharing an office space with a larger firm can help build your network. Some law firms also rent out spaces to professionals whose roles relate to law or those who provide services that the law firm needs.

Being in the same workplace with these other professionals puts you in a good place to extend and broaden your network, and can give you access to professional services you or your small firm needs, and vice versa.

Office space subleasing is the modern workspace setup. Not only is it beneficial to both the lessor and lessee, but it also paves the way for a more affordable alternative to working in traditional office set-up by offering a modern and diverse environment.

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