Ideas to Prevent Carpet Beetle Infestation

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Prevent Carpet Beetle InfestationCarpet beetles are small little critters that often go unnoticed in homes with carpeted floors. They are a common household pest and can cause all kinds of trouble. These insects normally thrive in carpets fibres, by the windowsills, in stacks of clothing or even on food.

Damage Caused by Carpet Beetles

A carpet beetle bite may cause dermatitis, a skin ailment that triggers an intense itch and a noticeable rash on the bitten part. There are cases of respiratory tract and eye irritation after infection.

Carpet beetle larvae damage furnishings, clothes and other items. These insects feed on natural fibres, while their mature counterparts eat primarily pollen and nectar from plants. Larvae search for food in hidden and dark sections of the house such as carpets, under flooring, baseboards and in ducts.
Infestations happen quickly and remain unnoticed until widespread damage.

Carpet beetle larvae eat plant and animal materials, namely, wool, feathers, dander, furand silk. Furniture, clothing and other household items made from these are likely targets. Their preference for organic fibres does not deter them from feeding on synthetic material.

Prevent Infestation

There are ways to effectively remove carpet beetles from your property, but why wait until an infestation? There are preventative methods to stop these insects from invading your house.

Steam cleaning and drying your carpets keep them clean, germ-free and bug-free. Carpet cleaning specialists agree that this method is not only effective, but also eco-friendly.

Steam cleaning gets into the fibres of a carpet to do a thorough cleaning. This does not leave any chemicals unlike other cleaning detergents or solutions.

When you store clothes and textile like beddings and linen, keep the storage area clean and dust-free to prevent carpet infestation. Cover the items in plastic and seal them properly for protection against carpet beetles and their larvae.

Clean up after your pets; animals leave a trail of hair or food stains that carpet beetle feed on. Vacuum or sweep the area where pets sleep. Avoid eating outside of the kitchen or dining room, this makes sure that food does not stain or spill on floors or furniture in various parts of your house.

These preventative methods reduce the possibility of carpet beetle infestation and keep your home clean, bug and germ-free.

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