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Preventing Low Back Pain With Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Session

Low back pain is a common problem for millions of people worldwide. Studies put it at between 60 and 80 percent of the adult population. The problem peaks in people between 35 and 55 years old. While low back pain is worse in some than in others, it affects many aspects of their lives.

People miss many workdays because of it. Sufferers are unable to do some physical activities or even get a good night’s sleep. Some treatments help, but they say the best cure is prevention. A physical therapy clinic in Turlock, CA such as Altruistic Physical Therapy can keep it away.


The causes of low back pain are numerous. It ranges from acute injury to poor posture. The best time to seek physical therapy is the first time you feel the first twinges of low back pain. These early signs are a warning about a problem you may have with your spine.

If you wait until the pain gets very bad, or you have a fever or numbness in your legs, it will be harder to treat.


Studies show that people who seek help for low back pain early have a better chance of avoiding it getting worse. That may seem obvious, but many people tend to ignore the pain as something that will simply go away.

Sometimes it does, but when it does not, it can be a sign of bad and expensive times to come. Seek professional help as soon as possible to nip that problem in the bud.


Depending on the cause of your pain, you should go to a hospital, doctor, or physical therapist. You should go to the hospital if you feel acute low back pain from heavy lifting or an accident. You will probably need urgent care. You should go to your doctor if you want immediate relief for your pain.

However, if you want to avoid taking drugs, you should go to a physical therapist first. The therapist will find out if he or she can fix the problem with therapy, or if you should go to the hospital for special care.

A physical therapy clinic should be the first place you should go the first time you feel low back pain. In many cases, the therapist may be able to help keep it away altogether at less cost than going to a doctor or hospital, and without using medications or surgery.

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