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Transform Your Interiors: Types of Paint Finishes

a man painting a wall

Paint can transform even the drabbest space. It, however, is not just a matter of picking the right colour. There are many choices you will make for your paint job to be perfect. The paint finish and the painting services provider in Wellington you choose are some of the critical determinants of your paint’s appearance. […]

Service Week

Causes of Leaks in Your Kitchen Sink

Plumber Fixing Pipe With Wrench

The sink is among the most frequently used components in your kitchen. That is why it’s frustrating when it becomes leaky. Here are some of the common causes of leaks in your sink: Drain Leaks The drainage pipes are usually sealed with plumber’s putty to prevent water from leaking, but this might become ineffective if the […]

Product Review

Learn All About the Various Kinds of Kerbs

feet of young pedestrians walking on the crosswalk

Road kerbs retain the edge of the carriageway. They prevent the loss of structural integrity, but they are also crucial to demarcating pedestrian paths and road traffic. They offer a check for vehicles that they do not leave the carriageway. As an added benefit, road kerbs can be used to drain surface water off the […]

Finance Week

The Right Mortgage: Minding Your Individual Situation

Mortgage loan agreement application with house shaped keychain

When financing a house with a mortgage, it’s normal to wonder what the best loan option is. Some believe that mortgages with low rates are the ideal choice, but this is not always the case. The right loan will depend on your individual situation and a number of other factors. You need to determine how much […]

Modern Market

3 Tips When Shopping for Furniture

Buying furniture is like investing in art pieces. Their value may not increase in time, but you sure can save a lot if you go for quality. The art part comes when you know how to appreciate good craftsmanship. If you’re planning to invest in some commercial furniture in NZ, keep these shopping tips in […]