Finance Week

Top Qualities Your Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Attorney Must Have

Attorney talking to his clients

When looking for a bankruptcy lawyer to help you get relief from your financial hardships, you need to be careful about making decisions. Your choice of lawyer will determine whether you will succeed in getting a new financial start. You need to look for a few important qualities. Utah Bankruptcy Pros discusses the traits your prospective Salt Lake […]

Health Week

Invisalign: Nearly Invisible, Produces Stand-Out Results

Dentist holding invisible braces

Although one of the primary functions of orthodontic treatment is to correct cosmetic issues affecting the alignment of the teeth, its benefits are not limited to this. Aside from paving the way to straighter, more beautiful smiles, dental braces can also treat bite issues, such as malocclusions. Malocclusions can have a large impact on many […]

Health Week

Are You Getting Sick Because Of Your Teeth?

It’s a common misconception that dental care is not part of your overall health. After all, health care in America doesn’t fully integrate it into its system. Historically, barbers were even the people to approach for tooth extractions, instead of true medical professionals. While a throbbing pain caused by a toothache is very uncomfortable and […]

Service Week

The Six Second Break-In: Thieves Use Coat Hangers to Get Into a Garage

Burglar forcibly breaking in a property

A lot can happen in six seconds, and one of them is breaking into a garage. Thieves have, in fact, come up with a way to use coat hangers to automatically roll-up a garage door. Some homeowners are familiar with the coat hanger trick. A few even admit to using a coat hanger or a […]

Health Week

Orthodontists: Specialists in Beautiful Smiles

Orthodontics has taken on a bigger role of late – more people are getting treated for problems with their teeth and jaws. They also offer cosmetic dentistry as part of their services so that a patient’s appearance can be improved. With the help of some devices like braces, plates, head gears, a patient’s oral health […]