Modern Market

Tips on Starting a Construction Business

Businessman checking progress on site a construction project

If you’ve had a job in construction for decades or just a few years, by now, you’re probably familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. You might have even thought of putting up a construction business of your own. But like what Maxisafe, who offers safety equipment in Australia, will tell you, running […]

Next Stop

Trucking 101: How to Effectively Manage your Time

Truck on the background of the mountains

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re just starting out as a new truck driver, mainly because of all the advice you’re probably getting from different people. Some tips might be good, but then some might not, and it’s not always easy to tell which is which because some of them could be conflicting. That […]

Service Week

3 Signs of Quality Air Conditioning Repair

an expert air conditioning technician working on an AC unit

Keeping your air conditioning in good shape is key to ensuring the comfort in your home. A fully functioning air conditioner will keep the house cool, especially during summer. When you air conditioning unit shows signs of breaking down, it’s important to have it checked and fixed immediately. When choosing a provider of professional AC repair […]

Health Week

Too Much Fluoride is Bad for Your Teeth

Child with damaged teeth

Several substances can stain your teeth, according to Scott W. Grant, DMD. This includes coffee, tea, and alcohol. There’s one familiar substance that you probably didn’t think could damage your teeth, though: fluoride. Fluoride is one of the main components of toothpaste because it reduces cavities and repairs the early stages of decay. Additionally, the […]

Modern Market

Shared Space: The Modern Way of Working in an Office

Empty office meeting room

Nowadays, you have either too much or too little space. This is not just the case for residential rentals, but office spaces as well. For example, there are many law firms in the Chicago area that are looking to sublease a portion of their office space, a service that firms such as Legal-Lease can help […]