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How Much Does Senior Care Cost in the U.S.?

Senior couple hugging each other

Seniors need specialized care, and this led to the creation of different types of services. The costs will vary depending on the type of elderly care provided. If you live in Pennsylvania or Kansas, for instance, it’s important to note that the per-hour average of non-medical and in-home senior care in Greensburg cost $21 in 2017. In some […]

Health Week

Your Ultimate Guide To Gluten-Free Shopping

Gluten free bread

Over the years, more and more experts have raved about how good gluten-free food is for your body. Whether you have dietary requirements or you simply want to switch to a healthier lifestyle, eating gluten-free food can provide a vast array of health benefits. Several gluten-free blogs like have emerged with a variety of […]

Health Week

What are the Advantages of Having Dental Implants?

Girl having her teeth checked

Getting dental implants, from a practitioner like Joe Bhat, is a big step. It is important for patients to understand the benefits of this innovative dental solution so that they can look forward to the results during their treatment. A great practitioner, like Joe Bhat, will also discuss the challenges and risks involved in any […]

Health Week

Leading the Technological Revolution in West Malling: Invisalign

Girl wearing Invisalign

Is technology our foe or our friend? While we aren’t quite facing a Terminator-style, apocalyptic, robotic future right now, many question the wisdom of being so reliant on technology. But like it or not, almost every aspect of life is touched by tech somehow. Even the local dental surgery uses 3D imaging to map out […]

Service Week

Working with Video Production Companies: 3 Useful Tips

Video Production Crew

Video marketing has boomed for the past few years, with small, medium, and large businesses using it to introduce their brands to the world. It’s engaging, captures the audience’s attention easily, and is a more popular form of marketing strategy for consumers. Data shows that 54% of consumers prefer watching videos from the brands that […]