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Orthodontists: Specialists in Beautiful Smiles

Orthodontics has taken on a bigger role of late – more people are getting treated for problems with their teeth and jaws. They also offer cosmetic dentistry as part of their services so that a patient’s appearance can be improved.

With the help of some devices like braces, plates, head gears, a patient’s oral health and appearance can be enhanced by an orthodontist. West Jordan has many dental clinics that can do the following treatments and procedures:

1. Close gaps between teeth and ensure proper alignment. They could also straighten crooked teeth.

2. Improve speech patterns and the ability to eat properly.

3. Boost oral health by improving gum and tooth health.

4. In young children, they can prevent wear and tear of teeth and treat malocclusion in both children and adults.

When Can One Start Getting Orthodontic Treatment?

This treatment usually starts when a child is 12 years old, and their adult teeth have developed properly. In cases where children have a cleft palate, treatment starts before the adult teeth develop fully. Patients are told to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. Orthodontists usually do a complete assessment by taking x-rays and a clinical exam. After the assessment, they decide on a treatment regimen.

What Treatments Do Orthodontists Offer?

Orthodontics offers patients the use of fixed and removable appliances to move teeth around for good alignment. The severity of a person’s problem determines which appliances will be used. Some of the fixed appliances used are braces and spacers. Removable appliances could include aligners, jaw repositioners, removable space maintainers, palatal expanders, removable retainers and headgear. All of these appliances are used in combination or singly to fix any problem that a patient has.

It is best to consult an orthodontist when it comes to issues in the jaws and teeth alignment. They have an important job to treat those with an improper bite and malocclusion. Orthodontists can make people feel better about themselves by improving their appearance through their teeth.

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