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NZ Survey Shows Rising Stress Levels at the Workplace

Stressed Out Employee

A Wellness in the Workplace report showed that an increasing number of people in New Zealand are under more stress due to several factors.

The report based its findings from almost 5 percent of the country’s entire workforce. As much as half of the surveyed employees go to work despite being ill. This contributes to an increasing level of stress aside from workload, clocking in long hours and pressure to accomplish targets.

Working Class

Southern Cross Health and Business New Zealand sponsored the survey that detailed how workers experienced overall stress or anxiety in 2016. It revealed an increase in such aspects as 23 percent of companies recognised the trend compared to 14 percent in 2014.

Workplace safety remains a top priority since businesses rely on productive employees. Other than safety gear such as protective gloves and disposable coverall clothing, employers should put more importance on the need to manage stress from any work.

Sick Days

The survey not only detailed the impact of stress on a person’s health and wellness. It also provided how sick employees indirectly affect the country’s economy. According to the survey, an estimated 6.6 million days of employee absences due to sickness led to $1.5 billion of losses for New Zealand.

Despite employers encouraging sick workers to stay home, there are still some who choose to go to work. This situation has been particularly common for employees of smaller enterprises.

For instance, a company with less than 50 employees have recorded the least number of employee absences, mainly due to workers being aware that their absence could have a significant impact on their colleagues and the company.


Each job carries its risks from stress whether to a person’s health or safety. However, companies could implement strategies on reducing the impact of stress to ensure that employees remain satisfied and healthy, which is vital for any business.

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