Concrete Services Offered by Construction Experts

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Construction Experts in UtahConstruction expert offers construction and repair for small and large projects. Clients ranging from businesses, mining industries, homeowners, and contractors require different types of construction needs.

Greene’s Construction enumerates some common type construction services that are usually unheard of by clients:

Random Radon Testing

Various environmental quality and safety organizations advocate for the awareness and mitigation of radon gas to homeowners.

Radon gas is an odorless and invisible gas that enters homes through the house foundation and goes undetected. It’s a by-product of the radioactive uranium breakdown in the soil and can cause some fatal health issues such as leukemia and lung cancer. Despite radon gas’ undetected entry into homes, random tests are available that aim to detect the gas. Effective detection and mitigation system cut the harmful gas’ entry into homes granting your safety.

Wall and Flat Sawing

Flat sawing uses a flat saw that penetrates concrete. It’s useful in preparing cracks for repair, removing damaged parts during demolition, and provides expansion joints. Wall sawing, on the other hand, creates openings through concrete walls. It’s also used for selective demolition of existing construction structures.

Structural Demolition

Demolition services serve commercial, industrial, and residential projects. The demolition capabilities include sidewalk, driveway, selective, patio, and full structure demolition. Most technologically advanced demolition equipment offer excavation, hauling, and site work services.

From concrete placements to concrete cutting, construction experts combine skill with technology to ensure they do the right job and in the right way. Experts use the latest technology and innovation to provide quality services with accuracy and precision.

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