Marketing Booklets: What Options Do You Have?

Pile of marketing booklets

Print marketing remains one of the most efficient methods of getting your message across. This marketing form allows you to provide a keepsake for your clients to refer to now and again and therefore, boost your brand recognition. There are various types of prints you can choose for your business.

Most marketers can’t make a clear distinction between booklets, pamphlets, and brochures. Unlike pamphlets and brochures, booklet printing involves binding of the pages and comprises more pages and a more complex production process. Here are some of the common marketing booklet types:

Training Manuals

These detail various techniques and procedures, which are generally linked to your products and services. Training manuals will boost your sales since they increase your clients’ confidence in solving specific problems using your product. The key to a successful training manual is thorough market research before deciding on the focus of your manual. Small booklets measuring 8.5×11 and 5.5×8.5 will suffice for your training manuals.

Annual Reports

A professional look is essential for every business’ annual report. This makes a good impression on your shareholders and enhances their confidence in your business. Presenting the report in a booklet form gives you a perfect solution to bind the many pages included in your report and create a professional-looking report.

Product Catalogue

Showcasing your products in the best light requires many pictures and generally more pages. Booklets form the perfect product catalogues as they allow you to pick different sizes to accommodate as many products as you want. They are the cost-efficient and spacious alternative to brochures. The ideal booklet size for a product catalogue is 12×12.

Booklets are a valuable marketing medium for businesses. The above booklet types will significantly impact your marketing. But they will only do so if handled by a competent printing company. Ensure you select the right company for your booklet’s printing.

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