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Make The Most Out of Your Space: 5 Hacks For A Roomier Home

Spacious house

Everyone wants to have a nice cozy space to go home to, whether it's a tiny studio apartment or a good ol' ranch out in the country. Through using window film, your walls, and even your ceiling space, here's a couple of techniques to help to give your Dallas, TX home more breathing room with less effort.

Roll in with the film

How about doing away with curtains forever! Window films from producers like Amersol have become a more viable option for most people. From giving your home a little more color to filtering the amount of light that comes in your home, window films are also a good alternative to keep your privacy. Changing from curtains to window films also gives more room to your home by doing away with the space you clear so that your curtains and blinds don't get snagged or pulled accidentally.

Elevate your game

If you're lucky enough to have a high ceiling, consider building an elevated platform in your home! Rather than find room for your bed, your sofa, and an area for your morning workout in a tiny space, an elevated platform could act as the second floor of sorts for your home. Prop up your bed on the platform, slide your sofa in the space below, and marvel at how much floor space you suddenly have freed for whatever activity you want to do!

Fun with magnets

Putting magnetic strips in your bathroom and kitchen is an easy and creative way to store small things like keys, toothbrushes, and knives away from your counter and right onto your walls. A clear counter would give you space for more things to be off your floor, or to have fewer tables in your home.

Saving Space with All-In-One Sets

Don't want to commit with those elevated platforms yet? Then go and get an all-in-one set in the meantime! These range from having a sofa and a bed in a foldable package, to almost an entire room combined in the span of only 13 square feet! Imagine all that space you can have freed up when you have the entire contents of your room stowed away in one compact package.

Your Office on your Bookshelf

Let's say you work at home, and you have a ton of books that you need for reference, but not enough space for bookshelves AND an office desk. How about you bring them together by putting your office on your bookshelf? Dedicating some shelf space as your work desk will help you get some more room while keeping your everything related to your work in one area and within arm's reach.

It shouldn't matter how big or small your home is, you deserve to have the space you need to make your home as comfortable as it can be. Home is where you want to kick back and relax after a long day, and with these space saving techniques, you should have a lot more room to kick back.

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