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Make it Meaningful: Pointers for a Spiritual Vacation

woman praying in a historical church

When you hear the word “vacation,” the first things that come to mind are the kids frolicking under the sun and ice cream. Well, that’s for summer; it could be pictures of city tours and museums, too! In a nutshell, vacations are about fun.

But did you know that vacations can be meaningful and spiritual, too? Many think it is impossible, but if you think of it, you have enough time. All you need to do is to commit yourself.

Whether you are going on a Mormon vacation or backpacking escaped somewhere in Europe, here are the pointers to make your vacation spiritually memorable:

Right after you wake up

Chances are you will wake up good, as you are not rushed and stressed (unless you had a nigh-out the night before). Take the opportunity to say a little prayer before you go and explore your destination. If you have brought a yoga mat, you can always do some poses and contemplate.

Find solace in parks

Other than churches and worship halls, one of the best places to take your spiritual time is the park. You can do some people-watching as you ponder the events in your life. What you need to do is find a cool spot in the park, preferably a bench under a tree.

Break away from the group

If you are traveling with a group, you can tell them that you need some time alone. They will understand it. You can wander the streets on your own as you contemplate. But just be careful. And always update your group on your whereabouts.

Becoming a spiritual person can be exercised even if you are traveling. In fact, your location does not matter. All you need to have is to commit and stick to your spiritual rituals.

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