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How You May Be Neglecting Your AC

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When the summer heat kicks in, air conditioners are lifesavers. However, a neglected AC can cause your unit to break down.

Here are a few ways you might be neglecting your air conditioner:

Forgoing regular inspections

A tune up or inspection from is one way to extend the life of your cooling unit. In Gloucester, New Jersey, air conditioning repair experts note that it is advisable to have it expected once or twice a year to make sure it’s working properly.  

Forgetting to clean or change the filter

When the air filters are dirty, airflow gets blocked. This will cause your unit to overwork its system to compensate. This can then contribute to other problems such as a dead compressor, overheated fan, or a frozen unit.

Keeping your unit running

Constantly running your AC overworks the unit. The same is also true if it cycles on and off continuously. Apart from contributing to your Ac’s wear and tear, it will also increase your cooling bill.

Covering the outdoor unit of your AC

Covering the outer portion of your air conditioner will obstruct the airflow and kill the compressor. Note that the unit needs to breathe or release heat from the house to the outside. Be sure to remove anything that covers the unit including bushes and branches.

Skipping energy audits

You may not realize it, but an energy audit will help you know if your AC is the right size for the space it is cooling or if your home is properly insulated. It is advisable to do this if you’re thinking of replacing your unit. Doing so will increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Prevent a breakdown from happening by taking note of the things mentioned above. Contact a professional to check or inspect your unit and make sure it's ready for the summer months.

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