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How to Find the Right Landscaping Professional for Your Property

Well-managed landscape project

Designing and maintaining your outdoor space is taxing work, which is why it’s important to enlist the right landscaping services in Kent.

To get the most out of your chosen landscaping service, consider the following:

Determine the Landscaping Services You Need

Many people just need professionals to perform routine maintenance on their lawn. Some people want their garden fully redesigned, while others just want to install a few minor upgrades. It’s important to know what you want so that the landscaping company will know the appropriate professional to send you.

If you have a grand vision to redesign your garden, you might need a landscape architect or landscape designer. Both perform landscape design, but a designer wouldn’t have an architectural degree. Meanwhile, lawn managers and contractors take care of seasonal maintenance and install new landscape features on your property.

Consider the Landscaper’s Experience

Examine the type of landscaping work the company does. Some of them have portfolios online to give clients an idea of what they can do. Some of them can also specialize in constructing landscape features like fountains, decorative pathways or gazebos.

Find Out If They Have Certifications

Ask if the company or their staff have certain licenses and if they are a member of any landscaping organization. For instance, they could have someone who has a relevant college degree or is a member of a national arborist association. Certifications validate a landscaper’s skill and reputation.

Ask If They Are Bonded and Fully Insured

When a landscaping company is bonded and fully insured, it gives you financial protection from possible property damage. Landscaping may involve heavy earth-moving or extensive construction. The company’s insurance can cover costs if anything gets broken on your premises.

With these useful tips in mind, you can find the right landscape company for your property. Not only will quality landscaping beautify your home, it can also significantly boost your curb appeal.

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