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Have Fun with Your Children at the Golden Beaches

Hanging bridge in Sentosa

More and more people in Singapore are becoming aware of how much fun they can have at the beach in Sentosa. The beach is an excellent place to have fun with your kids as they develop the necessary motor skills while playing.

This makes the golden sand beaches one of the most interesting places in Singapore for family outings. They are a lovely getaway from everyday activity and present an opportunity to develop the kids’ imaginations. That said, below are some the games you can play with your kids at the beach.

The Limbo Dance

In the 1800s, the limbo dance swept the streets of Trinidad and spread all over the world. You can now Limbo dance with your kids at the beach and help them develop skills like balance while at it. Two people hold each end of a jumping rope, and then have the children take turns trying to go under the line, backs facing the sand. Keep lowering the cable to the lowest it can be. You can also use a pool needle or a boat oar.

Sand Hopscotch

Your kids are used to hopping everywhere else, why not at the beach? In this game, you draw a grid on the sand and mark it with things like rocks or shells. The kids then hop through the grid without touching the edges. You can be as creative with the size and shape of the grid as you like. The good thing about this game is you don’t even have to bring anything with you to the beach – except perhaps, flip-flops.

Build an Inukshuk

Have your children gather sea glass or stones of different sizes. With those, let them build structures resembling the human form by stacking the rocks. The tallest landmark will carry the day. Meanwhile, you can enjoy watching them while reading a book.

When going to the beach with kids, it is always important to carry toys. Remember to be creative and have lots of fun!

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