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Guide to Impressing Your In-laws This Christmas

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Families get together during Christmas to exchange gifts and catch up. Some of them stay for more than a few days. If it’s your first Christmas as a married couple and the in-laws have decided to pay you and your partner a visit, you need to be prepared.

There’s no reason to panic. Keep calm and work on the following to make a good impression:

Give them a Guest Bedroom to Remember

The master bedroom may have the king size bed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them luxurious bedding, too. Your in-laws will be in a better mood if they can have a good rest. Give them everything they need, from fluffy pillows to the best bamboo sheets and the most comfortable mattress. Decorate the guest bedroom with family pictures to let your in-laws know you love your family more than anything else.

Prepare Their Favorite Dishes

Talk to your partner about the dishes you should prepare to impress your in-laws and try not to stray from the family recipe too much. You want to get their approval, and if you mess with their recipe, they might think you’re trying to compete. The family should be united, including the parents of the married couple, so that everyone can have a happy Christmas. Add your own family’s dishes into the mix, so they can see the other side of the union. You want them to like you, and that means introducing them to your family, too.

Be Yourself

Don’t spend the whole holiday season trying to be someone your in-laws will like. At the end of the day, nothing beats being genuine. They will like you for the same reasons your partner liked you, and if they see that you and your spouse are happily married, they will have no reason to object. You’ll also score extra points for not being scared to speak your mind, respectfully, of course.

Don’t let those scary stories about in-laws get into your head. Do your best to make them feel at home when they decide to visit you this Christmas.

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