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Give Your Family Reunions an Upgrade with 3 Creative Ideas

Family eating salad together

Now that your reunion is near, what will you do as a family? Will you just have the usual picnic in the park or dinner at a family member’s home? What if you try something different and exciting with all your relatives instead? Here are some fresh and creative alternatives to your ordinary family reunion activities.

1. Photo Meet

With everyone sporting their own camera phones or tablets, there is no reason to have dinner at a rooftop dining restaurant in Singapore and snap away. Of course, besides the usual selfies with all your favourite relatives, you can also take shots of the amazing skyline view offered by your chosen venue. At the end of your delicious dinner, you can give out some awards and special mentions for any noteworthy and amazing photos taken. Better yet, give everyone a prize!

2. Cooking Reunion

Does your family have their own recipes that they can pass down through generations, or do you all just love cooking and sampling new dishes? Either way, this is a perfect chance to fill your bellies and at the same time teach each other your tips and tricks for your favourite dishes. This is also a good time for a barbecue party if you have not had it in a while.

3. Game Day

Games do not always have to be outdoors, and your family does not have to be, either. You can get together to play indoors with board games, card games, parlour games, and even video games. To make things more exciting, you can even engage in friendly competition complete with judges and prizes. If you all come to like it a lot, you can even make it a quarterly competition among the skilled family members.

There are many more possible ideas for your family gathering as long as you keep your options open. If you cannot think of anything else, you can ask the other members of your family for help. After all, brainstorming for reunion ideas can also become a fun family affair.

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