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Free Yourself, Be an Esthetician

Not all people choose a job simply for the pay. Many have a checklist of dream jobs that fulfill them rather than pay them high. Some are forced to seek flexible jobs because of personal circumstances.

Being an esthetician is one position that addresses both needs. If you enjoy working with people and have a profound love for beauty and skincare, becoming a licensed esthetician might be a job for you.

What Is an Esthetician?

Estheticians or skincare specialists are professionals who provide treatments that cleanse and improve the appearance of a person’s face or body. Treatments include facial masks, scrubs, and peels. Estheticians work in salons, health spas, and medical offices. A growing number of estheticians are self-employed and work in their clients’ homes.

How Do I Become an Esthetician?

Esthetician hopefuls must first undergo training given by accredited institutions such as the They then take a state licensure exam. After which, they can start looking for employers or offer their services to clients.

Why Should I Be an Esthetician?

Control your time and manage your life.

A lot of estheticians are self-employed. Being your own boss saves you from the five-day 9 to 7 shift. You can schedule appointments with clients so that you have time for personal errands and activities.

Grow Professionally and Constantly.

With the advancement of technology, there are always new techniques and products to learn. You can enlist in classes regularly to grow professionally and to expand your network.

Open Yourself to Many Career Opportunities

As more men and women are learning the importance of skincare, job opportunities for estheticians are expected to grow. With your experience and knowledge in skincare, you can also be an entrepreneur.

Connect with People and Help Them Be More Confident

Working as an esthetician has many emotional rewards. You get to connect with your clients as you treat their skin and assist them to unwind as they share stories with you. They also leave your establishment feeling refreshed and confident with the renewed state of their skin.

Being an esthetician is a freeing experience. With the people you meet, it will never be a dull experience. And with the projected growth in job outlook, you can have excellent employment opportunities.

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