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Factors that Affect the Results of Your Botox Treatment

Woman getting a botox

Botox can be used for various medical reasons, such as excessive sweating and headaches, but its most common use is for cosmetic purposes. These include eliminating smile lines, furrowed brows, and also enhancing wrinkled skin. Not everyone who gets treated is satisfied with the results, however. This is due to a number of reasons like the type of wrinkle being treated.

Here are some factors that influence the results of your Botox treatments in Chester.

Type of wrinkles

There are two types of wrinkles present on your face, that is, static and/or dynamic wrinkles. The former is the type of wrinkles that are visible even when the face is in a resting position. On the other hand, dynamic wrinkles only appear when you make facial expressions. Botox only works by blocking the movement of muscles hence is only effective for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles.

The amount of Treatment Solution Administered

Every syringe of Botox solution contains a different concentration of the treatment element Clostridium botulinum. During shipping, Botox is vacuum dried and is accompanied by a sterile solution that is mixed before injecting it to your face. The drug dilution varies between 1 and 10 millimeters of saline depending on the practitioner and the results they wish to achieve. Some doctors’ use more concentrated Botox Solutions than others depending on the patient’s response as well as their experience.

The Person Administering the Botox Solution

Like any other invasive procedure, the person conducting the treatment marginally influences the results of the treatment. As such, a Botox injection given by a qualified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist in a hospital setting is likely to be successful. On the other hand, Botox injections given in a non-medical setting are likely to fail due to lack of expertise and use of wrong solutions.

Beyond the effectiveness of the Botox treatment, your diet and general health habits are important in extending the life of the results. If you notice that your muscles are strong enough, but they keep gesticulating, you might not be including enough zinc minerals in your diet. As such, take supplements of various minerals to restore health levels.

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