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Discreetly Realigning the Teeth

a woman wearing Invisalign

Straightening the teeth can be a comfortable and user-friendly experience for patients of a contemporary dentist. Invisalign is a clear aligner that uses low-visibility materials and a precisely-shaped design to make treatment discreet and convenient. Having Invisalign in Sydney CBD will improve the appearance and effectiveness of poorly-positioned teeth.

Long-term improvements

This modern realignment process happens in several stages. Firstly, the patient will talk to the dental team about how they’d like their teeth to appear after Invisalign in Sydney CBD is complete. The team will assess the patient’s oral health, and make sure that Invisalign is the right way to achieve the desired effect. At Sydney dentists like Spa Dental Sydney CBD, it can be used for a range of mild-to-moderate repositioning needs.

Once the patient’s ready, the team will take some detailed 3D images of their teeth. Using these images, a dental laboratory will create a series of transparent plastic aligners, customised to fit snugly over the patient’s teeth. The patient will wear a set of these aligners for around 7-10 days, before exchanging it for the next set in the series. The slightly different shape of each aligner will gently pressure the teeth into improved positions.

Discreet and effective

The transparent plastic of Invisalign in Sydney CBD helps the patient to keep their treatment a secret. The aligners can be removed when it’s time to eat a meal or brush the teeth, which helps the patient to keep a high standard of oral hygiene. Overall, 12-18 months might be needed to complete treatment with Invisalign in Sydney CBD. In some cases, a little more time might be required. All treatments are delivered according to a meticulous plan, with regular check-ups to ensure everything stays on track.

When the aligners come off, the patient will have to wear a retainer at night, to make sure the teeth get used to their new positions.

Future benefits

Having straighter teeth means having a better-looking smile and increased dental efficiency. Invisalign in Sydney CBD is an innovative and popular way to achieve long-lasting improvements in dental alignment. The results will be noticeable long after the aligners are gone.

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