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Did You Know? Credit Unions provide big benefits for students, entrepreneurs and families

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Have you ever needed to borrow money to fund a new business or a new home? Usually, people go to a bank in hopes of being granted a loan. However, credit unions are often considered better alternatives to banks, because they aren’t tied to any private investors. Credit unions are usually created and supported by local communities. If you’re part of such a community, here’s how you greatly benefit from credit unions.


Whether it’s for setting up in new accommodation or simply paying your loans in college, credit unions serve their customers first. They acknowledge that not everyone has enough means to get a bank loan, especially struggling students. This is why credit loans facilities are often situated in university towns.


Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business but don’t have enough financial resources can also benefit from credit unions and other companies involved in the mutual markets. Organisations like Mutual Marketplace specialize in providing the financial advice and procurement strategies to help businesses develop, and also help the credit unions to improve their financial loan systems. Whereas banks can have rigid rules when it comes to business loans, credit unions understand the struggle of establishing a business.


Families looking for a new home would normally opt for a mortgage loan granted by a bank. Credit unions understand that no family is the same, with different incomes and family size contributing to different financial constraints. They are more flexible in payment structures, so you have more options to meet financial commitments.

By The Community, For the Community

Credit Unions are regulated by national or government entities, so your savings are backed by a reliable institution. They have the edge on serving members of a community like students, families or business owners since they understand they are run by the community for the community.

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