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Design Trends that You Won’t Regret for Years to Come

Home with classy interior design

Some aesthetics simply stand the test of time. From fashion styles to automobile looks, interior décor is no different. Some interior décor trends are destined to be just that – a trend. Some do stay and endure, well loved inside many people’s home.

Learn about a few interior décors and design concepts that are predicted to stay in people’s homes for decades to come.

Open Concept Layout

More and more developers are building homes with the open concept layout. Because they are more cost-efficient to build, more and more home buyers are looking for this layout, even knocking down walls to achieve it. Many families require this type of layout as it allows parents to work around the kitchen while having an unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Dark Wood Finish

Admittedly, the bleached wood finishes of the Scandinavian décor aesthetic have been pervasive recently, but the dark wood finish has been around for decades. A dark wood finish simply beckons a traditional feel that is always classic and never dated. To avoid a dark somber feel in your home, opt for dark wood finishes in few key areas in your home, such as your wood stair treads and exposed beams, and combine furniture pieces with a different material or finish.

Quartz Counter Tops

Granite countertops became a hot trend a few years back but have fallen out of favour recently due to the porous nature of the material, which creates challenges in maintenance. Many homes nowadays prefer a more practical alternative in the form of quartz countertops that are non-porous, making for easy cleanup. Current quartz countertop options now have anti-microbial property, which makes it a safe surface for food preparation. Apart from their practical benefits, quartz countertops have an elegant but warm look that won’t make your space look dated.

If you want your home to have a classic look and avoid becoming outdated too soon, try these interior design approaches that will stand the test of time.

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