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Dental Transformation with Dental Implants

dental implant surgery graphicDental implants in St John’s Wood are replacement teeth that are considered the closest approximation to natural teeth available. They last for decades and integrate with the jawbone to provide all the functionality and strength of natural teeth. Carefully customised to look realistic, they can restore any number of lost teeth. They’ll work whether the patient has had a front tooth knocked out while playing sports, or they’ve gradually lost all of their teeth because of problems with decay. Patients who receive dental implants in St John’s Wood can enjoy improved oral health in the future, as well as a dental stability beyond that provided by dentures.

How do dental implants work?

In St John’s Wood, dental implants are available at established dental practices such as Aura Dental. They are generally only given to patients who have a healthy jawbone and good oral health. If this is not the case, then at the initial assessment, the dentist may decide that some preliminary work is needed before the implants can be fitted.

Once the patient is ready, the implants, which are small metal posts, are placed into the jawbone. This happens during a minor surgical procedure, after which there is a short period of healing. Following this, the patient comes back to the practice for the new teeth to be attached to the posts.

Improvements to oral health

Having dental implants in St John’s Wood is beneficial for the patient’s future oral health in many ways:

  • The implants are permanently fixed into the jawbone and can be cleaned in the same way as natural teeth;
  • Their strength and reliability means the patient can tuck into their favourite meals without fearing that their new teeth will come loose or fall out;
  • The implants help the jawbone retain its structure, so that the patient avoids developing sunken cheeks;
  • The new teeth are cosmetically appealing, being indistinguishable from natural teeth, which can help the patient feel more confident;

Long-lasting positives

Having dental implants in St John’s Wood promotes good oral health in the long-term, protecting the jawbone from deteriorating and the gums from receding. What’s more, they will last for decades if taken care of properly.

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