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Dental Implants: Just How Worthy They Are?

When it comes to teeth replacement appliances, you have several options to choose from. From the traditional dentures to the more advanced implants, there is a choice for every budget, but more importantly, specific needs and preferences.

In South Bend though, dental implants remain the most common and preferred choice. And for many good reasons. Here’s what you need to know.

The obvious advantage

Physically, tooth implants look exactly like your normal adult teeth. They also feel and function the same away – even the way that they provide stimulation to the jaw bone. These benefits alone should already make you consider opting for them over your other more traditional tooth replacement appliances.

There are more advantages though. With implants, you don’t have to worry about them suddenly falling out, putting you in serious embarrassment. This is quite a common situation for those who wear dentures.

And then there’s the jawbone stimulation mentioned above, which considerably minimizes the risk of bone loss.

Preventing jawbone disintegration

Whenever tooth loss occurs, your jawbone is at risk of losing its form and function. This is because for it to remain healthy, it needs to stimulation that your natural teeth provide. So when you lose a tooth, you can lose part of your jawbone too. This happens even when you wear dentures since these only provide superficial function, which means that they don’t reach all the way to the bone.

Implants, on the other hand, attach right to the jawbone. This then allows the appliance to provide the jawbone with the stimulation necessary for retaining its form and full function.

Keeping your smile beautiful outside, healthy inside

In a nutshell, implants are the best way to maintain your radiant smile while also keeping the rest of the inside of your mouth healthy. Indeed, they cost more than your other more conventional tooth replacement options, such as dentures, but the pros and advantages they deliver easily outweigh this extra expense.

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