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Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures and How They are Done

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Cosmetic dentistry enhances the appearance and structure of the teeth. For many people, it is not only taking care of their dental health but also improving their self-esteem. It helps people smile with its restorative results because it acts as a confidence booster.

Here are three cosmetic dental procedures and how they are done:

Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves the idea of having a set of white teeth. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry solutions, patients in Sioux Falls and other locations can show off their beautiful smiles again. The treatments are affordable and almost anyone can get them done. It is done by first examining if you are eligible to undergo the procedure. Once you have been approved, the dentist will put a rubber shield or gel to protect your gums.

Afterwards, they will place the whitening product directly onto your teeth with an item similar to a mouthguard. The main ingredient of this whitening product is hydrogen peroxide which will help your teeth appear lighter.

Dental Veneers

Many people get dental veneers if they have cracked or crooked teeth. Each dental veneer is specially made to fit the patient’s mouth perfectly and they are usually made from ceramic that matches the color of natural teeth. It is a very simple procedure. A dentist simply places the veneer on top of the tooth with a dental glue.

Invisible Braces

Many people have been putting off getting their braces because they are worried about the way they would look. Thankfully, there are good alternatives these days. Invisible braces are customized to fit each tooth. They are becoming popular, as many people enjoy the fact that these dental appliances are effective but not noticeable.

These types of cosmetic dentistry procedures are commonly used around the world. Getting cosmetic dental work is beneficial for many people, as it helps them get the smile they want.

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