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Common Causes of Swimming Pool Pump Failure

Leaves on a swimming poolYour swimming pool pump is a vital piece of equipment for your pool. It helps keep the water clean, disinfected and at the right temperature. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems you might face in your swimming pool is a failing or broken pool pump.

Pump repair is a service best left to swimming pool repair experts in Salt Lake City. DIY repair attempts may only worsen your problems and later on require you costly pump replacement. That said, below are some of the common causes of pump breakdowns:

Defective bearings

Your pool pump bearings are susceptible to corrosion, vibration and shock. If you hear a whirring sound while your pump is running, it might be time to replace the pump bearings. Even if you only have one defective bearing, it is advisable to have your technician replace both the front and rear bearings. This will save you on future costs.

Stock-Up impellers

Pool impellers are prone to clogging. Loose nuts and bolts and debris that might accidentally pass through your filters are the typical causes of clogged impellers. Trying to dislodge the debris on your own might break your motor shaft. Leaving the job to qualified experts is the wisest thing to do.

Wrong-sized piping system

Under-sizing or oversizing your pool plumbing system causes the pump to overwork. The ideal pump motor should allow re-circulation of your pool water within eight hours in regular pools. One to one and a half inch pipes are the standard size for pools. You can reduce or increase your pipe size under expert advice when needed.

Another common cause of pump failure is an unmatched pool pump assembly. The mistake lies in pairing a 2-hp impeller with a 1-hp motor and vice versa. All your pump components should match to avoid frequent pump breakdowns. The best way to prevent failures is to have your pool pump properly installed and routinely maintained by an expert.

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