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Catering for the Self Storage Market with Mesh Enclosures

Storage unitSelf-storage, also known as self-service storage, is becoming a common business model around the world. Unlike warehousing, which requires the storage of large or high volume goods, self-storage focuses more on smaller storage spaces — this may include lockers, containers, or garage-style storage facilities.

Self-storage often stores smaller items, such as clothes, toys and accessories. To maximise storage space, it is a good idea to invest in mesh enclosures. Mesh enclosures, such as the ones available at containit.com.au provides more secure storage for smaller items.

Why People Use Self Storage

Self-storage is often a temporary storage solution for tenants. People use these services for a variety of purposes, but people within the storage industry often cite ‘the Four Ds’ as the primary reasons for renting small storage space.

The Four Ds stand for the following:

  1. Death
  2. Divorce
  3. Disaster
  4. Dislocation

People will always have to move for one reason or another. Many clients choose self – storage in case of family deaths and divorce, often to store their departed’s belongings until they can figure out where to put it. People who are divorced also need storage space while they are sorting out their new living arrangements.

When it comes to disasters, such as a fire or a hurricane, people use self-storage to store their salvaged belongings until they can have their homes rebuilt or relocated.

Mesh Containers and Other Accessories

The use of mesh containers is perfect for use in self-storage facilities because they are lightweight and secure. Mesh containers are considerably easier to move than heavy shelving because of their open structure.

At the same time, they can prevent items from falling out and getting lost during transfer and storage. The mesh keeps everything in their respective places. Since the mesh is see-through, you can also view your items with ease. This allows you to retrieve items more readily.

Mesh containers truly cater for the self-storage market — they are portable, lightweight and ideal for storing smaller items.

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