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Holiday Activities in the Sentosa Fun Fest 2017 that the Kids Will Love

Travel Weekly April 21, 2017 at 5:46 pm

View of the island of Sentosa and Singapore to the seasideThe Ministry of Education always announces the school terms and holiday periods a few months before the next school year arrives. It allows parents to plan holiday activities with their children in advance, especially when the said activities are in popular local sites.

This year, the school holiday between Semesters I and II is from May 27 (Saturday) to June 26 (Monday). It gives you ample time to enjoy several days in the sun with your kids. If you’re still undecided about where to go for the holiday, consider paying a visit to Sentosa Fun Fest 2017.

A Mega Beach Festival for the Entire Family

Sentosa Fun Fest is a mega beach festival for the entire family. As mentioned on, it provides great family fun between full school semesters.

The beach festival is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun, sand and sea with your kids. It features child-friendly inflatable mazes, obstacle courses and water-based adventures that will keep everyone entertained throughout the day. It also has chill and makan areas where you can indulge in refreshing drinks and scrumptious food between activities.

A Holiday that Beats the Heat

Last year, the location of the Sentosa Fun Fest was Palawan Green. Participants inevitably felt the summer heat, but the inflatables, foam and water activities were more than enough to keep participants enthusiastic.

The beach festival featured a swinging obstacle course, beach volleyball pits and a bungee run that will surely drain your energy — in a fun way. It also had an inflatable maze, water slides and a child-friendly foam pool for less strenuous activities.

Given that participants enjoyed last year’s features, you might expect at least some of them to make a comeback this year.

If you weren’t able to bring the entire family to the Sentosa Fun Fest last time, then this is your chance. Take the kids to the ‘state of fun’ during the holiday for yet another unforgettable summer.


4 Core Skills to Develop from Ages 1 to 5

Travel Weekly May 24, 2016 at 1:00 am

Core Skills for Children in Salt Lake CityThe first five years of a child is the most important stage of a child’s learning development. Children learn quickly by following what they see and hear. They become better communicators both in non-verbal and verbal language.

Often, though, parents forget to focus on their child’s learning stage. They are too busy to oversee their development so they use gadgets as surrogates. But, early childhood learning experts explain that parents should focus on the four core skills that are crucial to children’s future learning development.

1. Physical Development

Do you know the importance of recess? This is not purely for snack time. In fact, recess is deemed to improve children’s attention and physical strength. They get stressed from school, so once they set foot on the playground, they get crazy. They jump, slide, swing, run, and socialize. Once the bell rings, their mind is back to the lesson. Physical activities reduce students’ moodiness and even prevent ADHD.

2. Cognitive Development

At an early stage, children should start with pattern recognition. In Salt Lake City, child care centers like Smart Kids Development Center use words, numbers, colors, symbols, pictures and more that help children improve their memory, mathematical skills, and even social skills. They also use arts such as painting and dancing to follow a certain rhythm of music and colors. They suggest parents do this at home since it also contributes to their discipline and organization.

3. Social Development

Aside from playing with other kids, there are other effective ways to develop their social skills. One is through shared reading. According to some experiments, shared reading between adults and children improve their vocabulary. If you connect emotions to it, children will become more interactive with their books, teachers, and classmates. Social skill doesn’t only come from playing, but also in fun learning.

4. Emotional Development

As kids grow, they learn to lie because of society’s influence. They lie because they know their wrong actions have consequences. Once they get caught, their self-esteem declines. Parents can scold their kids whenever they want, but they should not always pinpoint their mistakes. Constant blaming will lower their confidence that will affect their social development. It is best to accept their mistakes and teach them the right way to solve them without forcing or shouting.

Many parents take their kids to daycare centers because of their trusted learning styles. But, these experts strongly recommend finding time to help kids develop these four core skills as well. After all, a child’s future starts at home.

Understanding the Benefits of Owning Timeshares

Travel Weekly July 10, 2015 at 5:37 am

Understanding the Benefits of Owning TimesharesVacation ownership, most commonly known as ‘timeshare’, is a type of arrangement where several joint owners buy the right to use a specific property as a vacation home under an agreement. Timeshares are basically different types of holiday accommodations, like condominium units and apartments. You can find most of these near resorts and other tourist destinations.

As of today, vacation ownership is becoming popular due to its advantages, which include the following:


Compared to the typical expenses you will spend at a typical vacation-hotel stay, timeshares are a lot cheaper. This is because the resale market for timeshares is always discounted. Though prices may vary depending on the property and location you will choose, its overall cost is still a lower compared to a usual hotel accommodation rate. Another value-added feature of vacation ownership is that most units are fully-equipped and are condominium-type homes.


Another benefit of a timeshare is its flexibility. Once you decide to purchase a vacation ownership for a specific time or place, you can still exchange it for another one. Just bear in mind that once you decided to trade it off, you’ll have to do it ahead of time since you cannot find partner who is willing to exchange their own rights that easily.

However, if ever you never find someone to exchange your timeshare, you can still use it to take a vacation at a convenient time or location, Resort Brokers Australia notes.


Normally, timeshare ownership offers on-site amenities that include swimming pools, hot tubs, and tennis courts. To make your stay worthwhile, most of these property management rights for sale also give full-facility access for fitness centres, as well as spa salons that offer various types of health and beauty treatments.


To give you an unforgettable vacation trip, recreational activity sites for different sports, like golfing, skiing, boating, and other water sports are often in the vicinity of the timeshare accommodation. This is to make sure you get to try and see all the must-see sights in that particular destination.

Timeshares undoubtedly offer many benefits. However, to fully enjoy these advantages you must first understand the idea of timeshare itself to avoid confusion and misunderstanding later on.

Across Languages Barriers: The Journey of the Suite

Travel Weekly June 18, 2015 at 2:43 pm

travellerEnglish, Spanish, and Mandarin are the three most spoken languages in the world, but only one of them can say that it’s a language that people want to know by choice. Unlike Spanish and Mandarin, a large majority of English speakers speak it as a second language.This means they made a conscious effort to study, understand, and speak it. What makes the language so special?

The secret to the popularity of English is that it’s an inclusive language, in that it has no problem with adopting words from other languages if it doesn’t already have an appropriate equivalent. Native English speakers may not realize it, but a vast majority of the words they use everyday didn’t come from the English Isles.

The French Following

If a person wants to get a hotel room in St. George for example, their chances of hearing the word suite are close to guaranteed. The strange way itsspelled, as well as its swooshy pronunciation, should give people a clue that the true origins of the word lie on the François side of the Channel.

The first records of the word suite were in the 1670s, when it was a description of the train of followers or attendants. This is because the word was a variation of an older word “sieute,” which meant an act of following or attendance. In fact, the modern English translation of suite is still “following”.

Changing Suites

When the word started to move from exclusively French mouths to English speaking ones, it went through several transformations before finally settling on what it means today. During the 1680’s, a suite was a set of instrumental compositions, which is expected considering the era was one known for its opera.

It was only in the early 1710s that suite became a word to describe a connected set of rooms the way it’s used today. The running theme between all the incarnations of suite is that it’s a collective term that serves as a shortcut for “a group of –“, “a sequence of –“, or other similar inclusive terms.

The strange thing about the whole thing, though, is that the transformation isn’t over just yet. Instead of meaning a collection of rooms, hotels are using the word to refer to a single room, singled out for its exclusivity. Imagine what that word will mean after a couple of decades.

New York City Trips for the Thrifty

Travel Weekly April 24, 2015 at 8:48 am

New York CityNew York City is often seen as a destination that requires a large budget, often meaning it’s beyond some people’s means. However, visiting your dream destination doesn’t have to carry a large budget. If you are flexible and resourceful, you can make a trip to New York a reality even with a smaller budget.

The best advice that experienced budget travelers can give to thrifty first timers is to be flexible. You can score great deals by asking around and talking to people who have been to New York, and finding out firsthand what deals they found. They will likely suggest travelers planning their trip on a budget visit websites like, or download their mobile app. Resources like this help travelers find the best deals near them.

Taking Advantage of Last Minute Booking

You know how once in a while, someone scores a luxurious cruise trip or city break at a great price last minute? This also applies to last minute hotel bookings. If you know where to look you can land a great deal last minute on a hotel booking, especially in large cities like New York. This works by upscale hotels putting their rooms up for grabs at a lower rates when they predict quieter periods, a lower price is better than having an empty room.

Weekdays are peak time for business travel, so most hotels keep their normal rates on those days. However, once business travelers start heading home after a long working week in the city, even five star hotels give out highly discounted rooms to attract leisure travelers.

The Tricks of the Trade

Each destination’s prices vary depending on the season and the time of the year. New York City is an all-season destination, and it’s also a pricey one at that. But with some research and a bit of perseverance, you can find many ways to trim the expenses.

Look outside of the typical tourist areas to find the best and the cheapest eateries that locals use. You can find amazing food and experience a more authentic New York experience, as well as saving a few dollars. Hunt for NY restaurants that offer twice-a-year discount prix-fixe menus too, these often offer three courses for around $24.

Travelling outside of the holiday and peak seasons can also help you score good deals. Not only this, but it allow you to enjoy shorter queues and less traffic due to less tourists. The advice here is always the same, do your research and be flexible. You may not have the typical New York trip, but you can find yourself having a more enjoyable adventure, and saving some cash along the way.

The Gains and Benefits of Rafting

Travel Weekly April 7, 2015 at 10:24 am

Admit it: everyone loves to play with water. In that case, you may enjoy whitewater rafting, an outdoor recreational activity that uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river or body of water. You and your team use paddles to maneuver the raft in often treacherous and rapidly-moving water. But for many people, rafting is more fun because it is an extreme sport that injects them with an adrenaline rush.

white water raftingMore Fun and Dangerous

What makes it different from paddling a boat is that you paddle through a river with an uncontrollable flow. As you travel along the way, you and your team are faced with more obstacles blocking your way such as rocks and fallen logs – even waterfalls.

It sounds more dangerous than fun and it is indeed an extreme sport. There are other reasons rafters at Breckenridge, Colorado enjoy this kind of outdoor activity, American Adventure Expeditions notes. They know the risks involved but you won’t believe their personal reasons that they still continue.

Here are some of them:

Rafting instills discipline, patience and cooperation in every member of the team. When a rafter says they need to meet at this hour to practice, everyone should be there. Before they ride the raft, they do some warm-ups. And while they navigate the river, they practice maneuvering the raft. Like in martial arts, you need to learn the basics of rafting before you move to advanced levels. Only then can you join the team.


Rafting teaches you how to be alert at all times. You cannot afford to think slowly in this sport. You have to figure out a way on how to overcome the obstacles. In real life, you face many obstacles that require thinking fast and seat-of-the-pants tactics; rafting teaches you how to do this.

It’s not only the rush of adrenaline rafters are after. Like what was said earlier, it’s a sport. To be good in a sport, you need to acquire certain skills to be considered a professional – and to do that, practice makes up 90% of your time.

The Heart of Singapore: Discovering What the Country Truly Has to Offer

Travel Weekly March 19, 2015 at 2:11 am

Tourist destinationSingapore is one of the tourist destinations that have begun to flourish in recent years. This is mainly because of the many cultures that thrive there, as well as the merging of both the cosmopolitan and the natural. In fact, because of the many tourist attractions here, Lonely Planet picked Singapore as the #1 travel destination for this year.

As such, became a favourite among many foreign tourists –all eager to discover what the country truly has to offer.

Sentosa: The State of Fun

The most vibrant tourist spot here is definitely Sentosa, also known as “the state of fun”. The district boasts of a great variety of things to do and places to see. Whether it’s a game of golf you fancy, or nights of partying at clubs, or catching appearances by many famous actors and performers – tourist attractions in Sentosa have whatever it is you’re in the mood for. You can also find many fine dining restaurants and world-class shopping centers not far from the many sights, so you’ll never have nothing to do here.

Going Back to the Roots

You’ll also discover that amidst the hustle and bustle of the metro, Sentosa’s nature still remains to be the best must-see in Singapore. Even as the city progresses, the nature and ecosystem has continued to thrive. You can find many interesting plants and animals nestled in colorful rainforests, as well as beaches that allow you to experience the best of the tropical weather.

The best part is, you can find an agency that can arrange a day of nature-trekking, where you can see the most fascinating wildlife and see the most breathtaking views. You can also ask them about nearby beaches and resorts, or about spas that feature Singapore’s nature. When you arrange your Singapore travel with them, you’re sure to experience the very center of Singapore’s natural beauty.

Brisbane: a Booming Population with a Booming Economy

Travel Weekly February 24, 2015 at 12:10 am

Tourism in BrisbaneBrisbane is the most populous city in Australia and it is likewise an economy that offers many job opportunities. Anyone looking for white-collar jobs can try applying in the fields of information technology, financial services, higher education and public sector administration. You can locate them in central business districts working at offices and inner suburbs.

As one of the most urbanised cities in the country, this article notes the things that you can expect in Brisbane.

Blue-Collar Job Opportunities

People near the Brisbane River can try applying at blue-collar industries such as petroleum refining, waterfront manual labourer, paper milling, metalworking and railway operator.


Tourism in Brisbane also contributes to the economy of Queensland with domestic and international visitors coming to the city to either look for work or go on a vacation. There are many exciting places to see in this city whether you are looking for interesting architectural designs, popular and classical entertainment, and even something close to nature.

Dining Out

As the most populous city in Queensland, you can meet people from all walks of life here. Lonely Planet has in fact dubbed Brisbane as the hippiest city in Australia in 2014 with so many bohemian artists and unconventional people.

It is also for this reason that there are many popular restaurants in Brisbane, explains, that cater to both working and non-working classes, the latter which includes homemakers and students. Any time you are hungry, a popular restaurant is just a stone’s throw away, and they serve all kinds of cuisine – from Continental, to Asian, to good old local delicacies.

Public Transportation

To travel on the other hand to regional centres, interstate and overseas destinations, Brisbane has an extensive transportation network within the city. The Brisbane Central Business District (CBD) in fact is the central hub for all transport services.

The booming economy has attracted both locals and tourists to go to this place and perhaps settle here. Don’t just take our word for it. Get your firsthand experience in this city and have a taste of Brisbane – in more ways than one.

How Singapore Celebrates Holidays

Travel Weekly February 18, 2015 at 1:55 am

Celebration of New Year in SingaporeAs a multi-cultural society, Singapore’s event calendar is marked with different holidays and festivals all year round. Celebrations include socio-cultural festivities, sporting events, celebrations, and annual public holidays. With people from different parts of the globe living together in the city, the celebrations can get a little intense, but always in a good way.

Read on and find out how the city-state and island country celebrates the common holidays.

New Year

The Chinese New Year is one of the most important cultural holidays in Singapore. The celebration usually starts in February and marks a year of prosperity and good luck. Every New Year, families decorate their homes with red lanterns and clean it thoroughly. This celebration demands attention and energy with feasting, partying, and exchanging of mandarin oranges for good luck.


With plenty of Halloween events and parties in the city, Halloween parties in Singapore are thrilling and one of a kind. Horror festivals can also get a little spooky with signature holiday events that feature a more Asian take on the concept of ghosts and ghouls. Events like Sentosa Spooktacular offer a concoction of spine-chilling folklore and bazaar trepidations that will arrest the senses.

Christmas Day

While visitors may not see reindeers and real snow in Singapore, Christmas in the city-state is truly a big celebration. Like most other places across the globe, the holidays are a time for locals to indulge in eating and shopping. The Christmas season spreads through restaurants across the city, adding a more festive twist to Singapore’s already extraordinary dining scene.

Singapore National Day

Singapore’s National Day on August 9th is the biggest festivity of the year. The celebrations begin in the days leading up to the National Day, with flags displayed from buildings, houses, and cars. Many prepare for the famous National Parade that features song and dance performances, military parades, and a fireworks extravaganza.

Vesak Day

This holiday is one of the most important celebrations for Buddhists. Vesak Day commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha. On this day, Buddhists around the city gather before the dawn to sing hymns and celebrate. Offerings of candles, flowers, and joss sticks are also brought to the temples.

These are just some of the public events and festivities in the city. Most of the holidays have a religious background, which reflect Singapore’s cultural diversity.

Studying in London: The Top 4 Museums You Must Visit

Travel Weekly January 28, 2015 at 2:33 am

The Tate MuseumLondon is home to some of the best universities and career opportunities. That is one of the many reasons people flock to the city to live and study. But, do you know what makes a certain place ideal for studying? For some students, the vibrant nightlife and friendly people matter. For others, safe neighbourhoods, affordable rent and exciting museums are more important.

London is a diverse city, so you may feel overwhelmed by the number of museums here. If you are thinking about heading to the capital soon, let this article guide you which finest museums to explore.

Science Museum

Explore the seven floors of entertaining yet educational exhibits without flashing the cash. Science Museum has more than 15,000 objects on display, including some things from Apollo 10., a leading provider of affordable accommodation in the city, says you can experience 3D and 4D simulators of a space mission. Spend your free time enjoying the re-creation of the ground-breaking missions to the moon.

Tate Modern

The stunning architecture of Tate Modern alone is enough to entice you to visit the museum. You will fall in love with this powerhouse of modern art before you even enter. It offers a comprehensive collection of international modern and contemporary art, with works from Miro, Magritte and Dali.

If you plan to visit Tate Modern, it is worth considering trying the seasonal British food. You do not have to worry about accommodation, as there are hostels nearby that accept daily bookings and short-term stay.

National Maritime Museum

Explore London’s maritime heritage to know its importance on world trade. The galleries include wreckage from a Zeppelin, the original model for Nelson’s Column and blueprint of the Rotherhithe Tunnel.

Design Museum

From casual to elegant, this museum provides modern industrial and fashion design, architecture and graphics. Design Museum allows visitors to buy the best design objects, books and gifts. Families, groups and kids are welcome at the museum.

Visiting a museum does not just make you smarter, but also inspire you and make you feel good. Plan your itinerary now, so you will enjoy what these four museums can offer.