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The Wish: Writing Your Last Will and Testament

last will and testament paper

Many shy away from writing their last will and testament. For these people, it would feel like they are writing something ominous. But if you are a practical person, you greatly know that it is a necessary step, especially if you do not want to break your family. A lot of conflicts happen when the […]

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Three Ways to Clean a Used Mattress


According to the American Time Use Survey that was conducted by the Department of Labor, most people spend about eight hours of sleep. While sleep is essential for the body to function at its best, what you sleep on can have an impact on your health. Dust particles and allergens can settle on your mattress […]

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Give Your Family Reunions an Upgrade with 3 Creative Ideas

Family eating salad together

Now that your reunion is near, what will you do as a family? Will you just have the usual picnic in the park or dinner at a family member’s home? What if you try something different and exciting with all your relatives instead? Here are some fresh and creative alternatives to your ordinary family reunion […]