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The Six Second Break-In: Thieves Use Coat Hangers to Get Into a Garage

Burglar forcibly breaking in a property

A lot can happen in six seconds, and one of them is breaking into a garage. Thieves have, in fact, come up with a way to use coat hangers to automatically roll-up a garage door. Some homeowners are familiar with the coat hanger trick. A few even admit to using a coat hanger or a […]

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The Battle Against Electrical Hazards at Home

Electricity may be crucial in our daily lives, but it, too, can be a cause of a serious injury or even death. That is why people should always practice caution when handling electrical work. However, as accidents are unpredicatable and anyone can be a victim of electrical shock even right at home, some safety reminders […]

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Capture Spectacular Powder Portraits Like a Pro

Powder Photo Picture

You might have heard about Holi powder, the brightly-colored fine powder splashed on runners during fun runs. Originally used for the Holi festival of the Hindus, Chameleon Colors says Holi color powder is now common in pop culture and is used to create blasts of interesting colors in concerts, events, and even in dance clubs. Photographers also […]