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3 Essential Tips Cow Breeders Should Know

Product Review December 13, 2016 at 8:46 am

Cow BreedingAs a responsible dairy farmer, you need to ensure that your cows are getting the proper care. From the right food to the right type of activities, knowing these best practices can help you raise a good animal that can yield good produce.

Inspect the stock before buying them. What you want are cows that look alert with eyes bright and free of any discharge. Pay attention to how the animal breathes. The breathing shouldn’t be laboured, rather, it should be regular and smooth. Watch out for coughing animals or the ones that have mucus running down from the nose. Check the animal’s body for any swollen parts and watch them move. Healthy animals should be able to stride easily.

Make sure you have a proper maternity pen for your pregnant animals. These pens should be placed in a quieter area of your barn. Make sure there’s a good air flow and the area is well lit and insulated. The bedding is usually made from long straws and should be at least 4 inches thick. Cleaning the maternity pen before the animal gives birth will help lower the risk of having navel infections and other illnesses when the calf is born.

Ensure that the calves are eating properly and getting the right nutrition. Now, a calf meal like Takanini Feeds is usually decided by the farmers but typically, calves consume milk from their mothers only for a short period of time. After which, farmers can then decide to continue feeding them milk from other herds or other calf meals to make sure they’re getting the right nutrients they need to grow strong.

Raise Them Well

Raising a healthy breed of animals require a good eye, good institution, dedication and best practices. If you are planning to breed cows or raise them for dairy produce, use these tips to help you raise a good stock.

Maintaining and Using Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

Product Review October 18, 2016 at 3:00 am

Liquid fertilizer tanksStoring liquid fertilizers and pesticides is a necessity for many farmers. Since chemicals can be volatile, they require inert containers for safe storage. Storage tank users have to follow a few safety guidelines. A ruptured or damaged tank can lead to contaminated soil and may damage property, too. Sometimes, failure happens due to poor design, construction and a lack of maintenance.

To minimize the effects and prevent possible failures, follow these steps when maintaining liquid fertilizer tanks.

  • Don’t buy used tanks as moving and installing them in a new spot can lead to problems.
  • Make sure every employee is aware of operational hazards that accompany such tanks.
  • Fill tanks only to the recommended level.
  • Do regular inspections and ensure that there are no leaks. Check welded areas for any signs of trouble.
  • Check more often during cold weather as steel can become very brittle.
  • Drain tanks before carrying out repairs in case of corrosion or other problems.
  • After inspection and maintenance, ensure that repairs are done based on standards. If repairs are not possible, replace the tank with a new one.
  • Ensure that secondary containment is done in ways to prevent a leaking tank doesn’t compromise the safety of other tanks.
  • Have an emergency plan in place to account for every contingency.

The EPA website is a good source of information for safety checklists and maintenance tips. Download and print out all the required papers and checklists. Keep them in an accessible place and ensure that all the users are aware of safety procedures and follow them to avoid problems.

Ideas to Prevent Carpet Beetle Infestation

Product Review July 17, 2015 at 7:53 am

Prevent Carpet Beetle InfestationCarpet beetles are small little critters that often go unnoticed in homes with carpeted floors. They are a common household pest and can cause all kinds of trouble. These insects normally thrive in carpets fibres, by the windowsills, in stacks of clothing or even on food.

Damage Caused by Carpet Beetles

A carpet beetle bite may cause dermatitis, a skin ailment that triggers an intense itch and a noticeable rash on the bitten part. There are cases of respiratory tract and eye irritation after infection.

Carpet beetle larvae damage furnishings, clothes and other items. These insects feed on natural fibres, while their mature counterparts eat primarily pollen and nectar from plants. Larvae search for food in hidden and dark sections of the house such as carpets, under flooring, baseboards and in ducts.
Infestations happen quickly and remain unnoticed until widespread damage.

Carpet beetle larvae eat plant and animal materials, namely, wool, feathers, dander, furand silk. Furniture, clothing and other household items made from these are likely targets. Their preference for organic fibres does not deter them from feeding on synthetic material.

Prevent Infestation

There are ways to effectively remove carpet beetles from your property, but why wait until an infestation? There are preventative methods to stop these insects from invading your house.

Steam cleaning and drying your carpets keep them clean, germ-free and bug-free. Carpet cleaning specialists agree that this method is not only effective, but also eco-friendly.

Steam cleaning gets into the fibres of a carpet to do a thorough cleaning. This does not leave any chemicals unlike other cleaning detergents or solutions.

When you store clothes and textile like beddings and linen, keep the storage area clean and dust-free to prevent carpet infestation. Cover the items in plastic and seal them properly for protection against carpet beetles and their larvae.

Clean up after your pets; animals leave a trail of hair or food stains that carpet beetle feed on. Vacuum or sweep the area where pets sleep. Avoid eating outside of the kitchen or dining room, this makes sure that food does not stain or spill on floors or furniture in various parts of your house.

These preventative methods reduce the possibility of carpet beetle infestation and keep your home clean, bug and germ-free.

The Ecosystem of Germs in Your Living Room Carpet

Product Review July 14, 2015 at 2:34 am

Germs in Your Living Room CarpetDirty does not even begin to describe a used and poorly maintained carpet. In fact, in-depth research concluded that most domestic wall-to-wall carpet hosts about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. To put things into perspective, that number is 4,000 times more than what is typically found in toilets.

This only underscores how imperative it is to impose a healthy cleaning and maintenance routine at home or with the help of your reliable carpet cleaners. advises clients to consult only with companies fully trained by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute.

Let’s Talk Dirty

Households with athletes in the family run the risk of cohabiting with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, a bacterium that runs rampant in carpets. Staph, as it is commonly called, is brought home from the gym, the locker room or from shoes that run laps in the tracks.

MRSA enters the body through small cuts, and causes red bumps that become more painful over time, fever and rashes. Left untreated, a staph infection could lead to death. Meanwhile, families with members who have compromised immune systems, like toddlers or elderlies are at greater risk because of Campylobacter.

This particular bacterium attacks during colder months when the carpet is most usually damp and causes a deadly disease called Campylobacteriosis. Noro Virus or Norwalk Virus, on the other hand, is common across carpets exposed to dust or homes in areas prevalent to dust storms.

Noro Virus causes symptoms identifiable with stomach flu and food poisoning. Apart from these three, mould and fungi are also common carpet invaders. Because the carpet is a high-traffic area and receives the most amount of dirt, dust and pollution, it is crucial to cut the life of these bacteria short.

Keeping the carpet dry, along with regular vacuuming and cleaning, can eradicate these unwelcome ecosystems out of your carpet and homes. Not only will it keep the carpet clean and your family healthy, it also creates a fresher and more inviting atmosphere inside the home.

Drive Safely and Comfortably: Adding Car Window Tints

Product Review June 30, 2015 at 7:01 am

Adding Car Window TintsNo one wants to drive in a car that feels like an oven. Unfortunately, many have to, especially during the summer season. Perth may still be dealing with cold weather, but soon the climate will be changing and you should prepare.

The good news is there is an easy way for you to stay comfortable, especially during long drives. This is by having your vehicle windows tinted with a top quality film.

Beating the Heat and Staying Comfortable While Driving

Tinting your windows reduces the heat from the sun that enters the car, making the interior more comfortable. Greater comfort is not the only benefit you can enjoy from tinted windows, though. The reduced heat can also help protect your vehicle’s interior.

The UV rays and the sun’s heat can damage the upholstery and discolour it. With tinted windows, you can avoid these problems and even extend the life of your automobile’s air conditioning system. Automotive, residential and commercial tint expert Tint Works mentions that air conditioner efficiency also reduces fuel consumption.

Staying Comfortable Means Better Driving

Staying comfortable while driving is extremely important, as it makes you more aware of your surroundings. Being too warm can make you irritable, which can affect your driving skills. With the help of tinted windows, keep your cool, drive more safely and avoid potential accidents.

Observing Legal Limits

One thing to remember is that there are laws surrounding automotive window tinting in Perth. There are limits to the darkness of the tint you can use. To make things simpler, ask professional Perth car window tint providers. They know and understand the rules, regulations and limits.

Every person wants to spend money wisely. Paying for enhancements that improve your driving performance while keeping you comfortable sure is worth it.

Window Solutions: Protecting Your Home from Forces Known and Unknown

Product Review June 7, 2015 at 12:00 am

Solar filmsPolyester film with self-adhesive properties is often a standard detail in covering glass surfaces in modern homes. Similar products are also available for vehicles and commercial buildings. These films accomplish various functions. These can lower the visibility of the interior from the outside for extra privacy. The films also reduce glare to ease eyestrain and reflect ultraviolet rays.

Films also make the glass more difficult to break, providing an additional measure of protection for your property and the occupants of your home. A glass safety film can also be a great option. This type of film can hold the glass shards together, which minimises the risks of injuries in case of weather damage.

Here are some types of window films that you can get:

Solar Films

Solar window films can block as much as 80% of the rays of the sun. As these regulate the interior temperature, the films offer added insulation during the cold winter months. These offer protection when the summer heat and glare are too intense for comfort.

The best thing about these is you do not need to place additional drapes on your windows. The films can still provide you a view of your outdoor areas, while remaining hidden from prying eyes.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Another popular application, especially in urban areas, is anti-graffiti window film. These are designed to counter vandalism. Vandals not only deface areas of the property with graffiti; there are times when some vandals even crack or destroy glass panes.

Anti-graffiti coatings can help in protecting your windows from vandalisms. While you can apply these films directly on the glass, these will remain undetectable. Some suppliers offer coatings that you can simply peel off; you can apply another layer of the film as replacement.

Many types of window films are available on the market—the choice is up to you.

Always in Season: Using Seasonal Produce in the Restaurant Business

Product Review June 5, 2015 at 10:12 am

Seasonal ProducePeople patronise a restaurant for one reason alone: good food. As a restaurateur, your biggest goal is to serve dishes that are pleasing to the palate and keep people coming back for more.

There are many elements that contribute to an amazing dish: flavours, colours, aroma, cooking techniques, and plating. All of these are important, but would not be possible without fresh ingredients. And when it comes to this topic, food seasonality matters.

Seasonal Produce, All-Year Profits

Experts from Simon George & Sons explain that seasonal produce is fresher, tastier, and more nutritious than off-season food. Produce grown off-season typically go through artificial processes like heating, pesticides and fertilisers. All of these ‘force’ it to grow.

Seasonal produce is the result of seeds planted and harvested at the right time. This makes it so that plants are naturally stronger, more resistant to defects, and more nutritious. This is the reason seasonal produce are of better quality and have richer flavours than those harvested early or grown artificially.

Because of the benefits offered by seasonal produce, more and more people are looking for restaurants with seasonal menus. Now is the time to rethink your menu as well. Ensure fresh and flavourful food and all year-profits with seasonal produce offered alongside regular fixtures on the menu.

More than the Taste

Not only is seasonal produce palatable, it can actually help in your over-all operations as well. It’s the best way to trim expenses: ingredients. You see, buying off-season produce comes with a heavy price tag because it is not readily available from most suppliers.

Relevant to this is the concept of buying local. In most cases, it is easier to find seasonal produce in your local area. This reduces expenses because you no longer rely on shipments from distant locations. Buying local also reduces energy and carbon demands needed to transport imported food. You’re not just saving money; you also contribute to saving the environment.

Choose seasonal produce. With such ingredients, you’ll be able to give your customers fresh food and treat your business to more savings.

Want Buyers to Look at Your Property Listing? Be Honest

Product Review June 5, 2015 at 6:53 am

Property ListingThere are a lot of ways to sell your property online. Like any transaction on the internet, make sure that you offer quality. This means providing good information that will make buyers want to look at your property.


Be honest in whatever information you want to post. You know this drill: a seller posts information on his gaming console, saying it’s hardly used and that it comes with a lot of games. Even console distributors reduce prices to lure you in.

Turns out, the pre-loved phone is nowhere near mint condition and the PS4 only has the demo version of the games. The console distributor was launching a new model—with freebies.

You would hate to feel cheated when you do an online transaction—so do not cheat other people as well. Post your listing without embellishments. Stick to the truth and build a good reputation for yourself.


So many ads fail to reach their target clients because they go for complicated words or ideas open for misinterpretation. It is said to be effective. While that may have worked years ago, it is not working now.

Simple, straightforward descriptions let your potential buyers focus on the positive aspects instead of the negative. Talk about the features that would benefit them. Go ahead and check online samples and see what style is more appealing.

Get Professional Help

Assessing the cost of a property is tough work, especially if you are new to the business. There are people who train for years to know how to spot check the price of your property, send out information to various networks and even deal with potential buyers directly. To get this kind of help, pick out an online estate agency in UK that has a longstanding reputation for honesty, fair pricing and an expansive network of contacts.

It seems wise to sell your property online. It is less stressful and less costly, but make sure to do it properly.

5 Myths About Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), Debunked

Product Review May 12, 2015 at 12:54 am

Diesel exhaust fluidDiesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is an alternative and innovative creation that has helped eliminate harmful emissions from vehicles worldwide. Since 2010, various manufacturers have released diesel truck and SUV models that use an SCR system capable of using an ammonia-based solution (which is the DEF) for environmental purposes.

Here are five myths about DEF debunked for you to know how beneficial it is to the whole human race.

1. “Diesel emissions are safe and environment-friendly.”

Surprise, surprise! Diesel emissions are dangerous to your health and the environment, and spending on a DEF is always worth the buck if it means saving your own life and surroundings. Exposure to diesel exhaust, which is generally composed of Nitrogen Oxide particles, can lead to lung cancer. It can also cause eye, nose, lungs, and throat irritation, as well as nausea and headaches.

Just like when gas and other materials undergo combustion, the emission is expected to be unfriendly to the human body and the environment. Using DEF curtails these risks.

2. “The DEF tank should be filled to the brim all the time”.

False. Depending on how far you need to drive or how much your type of truck consumes, you can always choose to fill it with a few gallons. Some truck and SUV models have some sort of indicator or gauge that will show you how much DEF is left for you to consume.

3. “DEF evaporates during hot days”.

It takes two years for DEF to evaporate at a temperature of at least 120 degrees.

4. “DEF is highly toxic”.

Quite the contrary. DEF consists of urea and water, which are both harmless materials used in fertilizers, animal feeds, and many other things that you see and use every day. Using a diesel exhaust fluid refractometer, says, DEF makers can concoct just the right amount of urea to make sure it is automotive-grade and does not damage your SCR system.

5. “DEF is hard to find”.

Because it is widely-used today, DEF is fairly easy to find. In fact, you can buy your stock of DEF from almost all of the popular supermarkets and automotive supply manufacturers, as well as online shops.

As with most things, you have to do a fair bit of research before relying on hearsay. There are materials on DEF on the Internet that will enlighten you on the subject.

A Guide for Proper Management of Rubbish and Recyclables

Product Review April 28, 2015 at 8:13 am

Disposing RubbishThe City of Armadale provides a weekly service for collecting rubbish and a recyclables collection service every two weeks for its residents. The provided standard size of the bins is 240 litres. Bins with dark green colour all over collect regular rubbish, while bins with green bodies and yellow lids are for storing recyclables.

Still, there are some cases where you cannot wait for trash collection and you may want to hire skip bin services, like those of Kwik Skips, especially if you have so much rubbish lying about.

Presenting Bins

Place your bins outside facing the direction of the kerb and its wheels directly facing the house, with their lids properly secured. They should be ready before 7 AM on the day of collection. You must never leave your bins outside overnight.

Come collection day, your bins must have a spacing of a minimum 50 centimetres from each other. Make sure that collectors can clearly see and access them; otherwise, they will skip your rubbish and will not collect them until next week.

Proper Waste Sorting

When sorting your waste, ensure that your green waste is separate from your common rubbish, since these can mulch up the landfill. Sort items like brick rubble, soil, sand, whitegoods, and metal scraps for recycling. Proper sorting is crucial to help in extending the landfill’s life and save you cash in the process.

Free Recyclables Disposal

To avail of free disposal for your recyclables, separate your common rubbish from these recyclable items:

  • Metal scraps such as aluminium cans, steel, and wires
  • Whitegoods like washers, freezers, and refrigerators
  • Automobile batteries
  • Flattened and cleaned newspapers, magazines, boxes, and cardboard
  • Glass bottles
  • Firewood with 400 millimetres maximum length
  • Motor oil with 20 litres maximum weight
  • Computers and televisions

Armadale implements free recyclables disposal because they can recover the handling costs of recyclables by reselling the items. On the other hand, rubble and green waste takes time and money to process, plus they can’t resell them. This is why the city charges you for collecting these items.

In this regard, consider instead affordable skip bin services, since in the event that you combined your recyclables with unrecyclable items—whether accidentally or not—you will have to pay the required fees.