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Shared Space: The Modern Way of Working in an Office

Empty office meeting room

Nowadays, you have either too much or too little space. This is not just the case for residential rentals, but office spaces as well. For example, there are many law firms in the Chicago area that are looking to sublease a portion of their office space, a service that firms such as Legal-Lease can help […]

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Maximize your Space for Cozy Living

Most newlywed couples would dream of having their first home once the wedding hangover has passed. With a combination of luck and hard work, this is not far from reality. There are homes that you can own to match every need, preference, and budget. Considering that you have the budget size of those who are […]

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Undeniable Signs You Need to Sell Your Home

The four corners of your house are a familiar refuge. They have been with you through the times, and you have always been part of their welcoming space. With this sentiment, it may be a difficult decision for you to sell your home. But there will come a time when you will need to do […]

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Setting up a Home Office in a Small Apartment

Modern living room interior

One common denominator of apartments and flats in urban Hong Kong is that they are tiny. Nonetheless, it is still possible to set up a home office even in a small apartment. If you make use of the space wisely and follow these simple tips, you can have a comfortable and decent home office. Declutter your […]

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Fintech reviews: Kickstarter

Haven’t heard of Kickstarter? Well, it's time you did. Many innovative projects are now being funded by this crowdfunding platform. Highly successful campaigns include smart watches, games involving exploding kittens and movies.  Kickstarter has been around since 2009 and has facilitated the funding of more than 120,000 projects with nearly $3 billion from 12 million […]