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In Search of the Perfect Accessory

Modern Market April 24, 2017 at 8:22 pm

Wonderful jewelryPerception is a primary motivator for making that glowing connection with a new client, a potential business partner or a future spouse. Bearing, posture, and a self-assured smile can deliver the intended result, but personal attire is equally important.

Complementing your attire is a careful selection of accessories. The little things you wear make a statement; they portray a person’s qualities from bold, demure, active, professional, to seductive. Getting that look requires you to browse the market by which a purchasing misstep is likely to happen.

Professional Worldwide Support

An advantage of Internet shopping is the ability to gain professional support from previously unattainable sources. Geography, distance and time often prohibited discussions with accessory professionals outside of local demographics. These barriers also limited the array of accessories available in making the all-important first impression.

Previously inaccessible except by locals and high margin buyers, the internet has brought these items to everyone’s door. Jewelry stores sell and have a wide array of variables including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and wedding rings. When you visit a store, accessory professionals are ready to press the look you need to achieve success.

Quality and Service

While internet shopping is convenient and provides access to needed professional support, it also has its limitations. Like shopping locally, it is important to ensure quality when using internet services. Look for reviews online for each store you may visit, as well as their shipping and handling and return policies. Check to see if they are as professional as the support you are seeking. A combination of a solid business model and professional services will ensure not only quality look but also a quality experience.

Most jewelry stores that operate in big markets such as Toronto offer advice on your accessory needs. There’s nothing to worry about in purchasing or simply trying an accessory—you are always surrounded with people eager to help.

Ways to Reduce Workplace Violence

Modern Market April 18, 2017 at 1:00 am

A Woman Facing Violence

Workplace violence is a very real threat today. Each year, numerous cases related to verbal or physical abuse are reported in Australia. Given the detrimental results that violence can have on your business, you need to take the appropriate action to reduce the chances of it ever occurring. Here are some suggestions on how you can go about this.

Insist on pre-employment screening

During your recruitment process, insist on a national police check available in New South Wales for all of you potential employees. Fast Police Checks explains that failure to do so puts you at the risk of hiring a person with a history of violence or who is prone to disagreements and fights. A thorough background check can put your mind at ease as you hire a person in your company.

Implement a policy that discourages violence

Everyone in your company should embrace and follow a zero-tolerance policy against workstation violence. Let new employees know of this policy too. Should anyone be accused of this crime, investigate it and take appropriate action as required by law.

Open up communication links

The ideal conditions for the growth of abuse, harassment, and injury at workplaces begins when victims fail to speak up. By encouraging your employees to communicate about such cases, you can take suitable measures to uproot the problem. Better communication amongst your workers will also help them create better relationships and reduce tensions.

Create awareness

Set apart enough time to talk about the issue of insecurity with your employees. Find ways to train your employee on how to handle these cases of violence in the office. The better your staff is equipped with sufficient skills to combat aggression, the safer your workplace will be. 

Once you recognise that your company can face workplace violence at any time, you are well positioned to tackle or prevent the problem. Start taking appropriate steps today to guarantee the safety of your workers.

Construction Estimate Software: An Integral Business Tool

Modern Market April 4, 2017 at 1:40 am

Person Making a Construction Estimate ManuallyUntil a couple of decades ago, contractors had to manage construction estimates without the benefit of computer software. The development of construction estimate and management software has changed the way they have managed construction projects. Here’s a look at some of the major advantages in using the newest software.

Advantages of construction estimate software:


Estimating software lets the user put in the same procedures and values multiple times, even though the jobs are different. Doing so offers a basis to compare estimates to actual costs. Saving copies of different job estimates can help business owners to look at areas which require improvement and avoid overruns on new jobs. Consistency in procedures helps in making estimates more than just guesswork.


Project managers can use estimate software to determine accurately how much labor is required, equipment to use, and even decide on specific subcontractors. Having this feature helps companies to schedule and track the progress on multiple projects at the same time. Construction estimating software is also useful for purchasing departments in maintaining supply costs.

Good Management

Foremen can use estimates to manage projects better and order the exact number of equipment and tools. Everyone has a better idea of the project period, and the work required. Software packages have streamlined the entire management and costing process.

There is no doubt that construction software packages are now incorporating newer features to help users manage projects better, aid them in decision-making, and create cost estimates for each project. The rise of the digital age has made management in the construction industry even more efficient. Find the right construction management software for you and start streamlining your business.

Jobs for the Traveller at Heart

Modern Market April 3, 2017 at 3:36 am

Travelling JobAre you tired of going back to work after going on holiday for two weeks or a month? You do not have to settle for a desk job because there are travel careers that pay to do what you love. From cruising the ocean to teaching abroad, you have quite some options to satiate your wanderlust.

Flight Attendant

As a flight attendant, you get to travel to exotic locations if you get the chance to de-plane and explore. If you want this job, avoid the short haul staff positions as you will not be able to go very far. Choose an airline and post for long haul trips that provide long layovers in different countries. This allows you to not just land at an airport but to go out and see the world. If you land this job, you not only get to spend days on Thailand’s beaches or go shopping in Singapore; you also get travel benefits.

Tour Group Leader

This job is not lucrative, but it provides you with several opportunities to explore the world. You might end up on a coach with seniors exploring small villages in Italy or a group of backpackers travelling overland across Southeast Asia. You will need a lot of patience a never ending reserve of energy and enthusiasm and leadership skills to make this your career.


If you have the passion for teaching, why not teach English abroad? Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL provides you with the opportunity to work anywhere, where English is in high demand or not the primary medium of instruction. The pay is good, and most schools pay for a room, board or even flights. You will have the chance to mingle with locals as you might have to stay more than a year.

These are just three of the careers to choose from if you want to shift to travelling full-time. You have options so determine which job is best for you and your goals.

Indonesia Welcomed More Foreign Tourists in 2016

Modern Market March 31, 2017 at 2:48 am

Luxury CruiseThe number of foreign tourists in Indonesia increased by 10.7% to 11.52 million people in 2016, despite a decline in visitors from some countries, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

Fewer tourists from Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan paid a visit to the country, but more people from China and Australia included the Southeast Asian country as one of their travel destinations last year. In fact, Chinese tourists accounted for 1.43 million of the total number of foreign tourists, which increased to 25% from 2015.

Expanded Access

I Gde Pitana, Ministry of Tourism deputy head for the overseas tourism marketing development, said that six direct flight channels between China and North Sulawesi contributed to an increase in Chinese tourists. The service began in 2016 and it already provided an advantage for Indonesia to accommodate more visitors from abroad.

In this age of online technology, the department plans to improve its digital strategy since studies show that more than 70% of people go online to research a certain place before planning a trip, according to Gde.

Cross-Border Promotion

The Ministry of Tourism’s Wonderful Indonesia campaign is one of the several promotional efforts by the Indonesian government, which aims to sustain or even attempt to increase the number of Australian tourists in places like the Bali and Jakarta.

While those are the more popular destinations for foreign tourists, some places are as equally worth paying a visit, like the Island of Batam. Shopping malls, water sports, beaches and a bustling nightlife are only some of the many amenities that you can find there. With all these facilities, it surely won’t make you feel isolated despite being on an island.

Indonesia has many great places to see and booking a flight or travel package has become easier, thanks to the Internet. With the help of a travel portal, making your way through and around the country will almost be as easy as having a travel buddy.

Funko Pop: The Rise of the Modern Bobble Head

Modern Market September 28, 2016 at 1:00 am

A traditional bobble head on a car deskBobbleheads were extremely popular in the 60s – these small, plastic figures had tiny bodies and oversized heads, which wobble and nod with every movement. Attached to some kind of spring, they were the preferred toy that graces office desks and car dashboards.

Today, a new type of bobblehead is on the market – Pop vinyls, more popularly known as Funko Pops, are taking the world by storm. Though their heads do not wobble, the toys have impressive variety. Just take a look at pop vinyl stores such as Global Gear and you will find over 200 different versions of the toys. This is not even the complete inventory, as the company that makes Pop vinyls have over 1,000 licensed characters registered to their name.

From Humble Beginnings

Funko began as a small toy company in the U.S. In 1996, founder Mike Becker decided to sell his own bobbleheads, coin banks, and hand puppets. He wanted to create toys that bring about a sense of nostalgia – he found modern toys too complex, with too many features, and just wanted to make something that is straight-to-the-point and simple.

He started creating toys out of licensed characters such as Popeye, Count Chocula, and the Big Boy mascot. His company kept growing, and eventually, he decided to introduce the Funko Force line, which debuted at the San Diego Comic Con of 2010. It was initially met with a lukewarm response – people complained that the heads did not bobble.

Eventually, he managed to gain the license of several more figures, including DC comic characters like Green Lantern and Batgirl. These more up-to-date characters proved to be more popular among toy lovers.

Every Fandom Ever

Funko Pops are popular because of their pop culture appeal – with hundreds of characters to choose from, it encompasses many fandoms, from comic fans to sports fans. People love collecting familiar characters, especially if they are rendered in such an adorable form.

As more characters are added to the Vinyl Pop collection, more people will buy the toys – they simply love seeing their fandoms represented in merchandise.

The Business with Business Cards: Turning Them into an Effective Marketing Tool

Modern Market August 3, 2015 at 8:39 am

Business cards may seem like a little piece of paper, but they can help your company grow and succeed. While you cannot expect your card to tell the whole story about your business, it can help you present an image that clients will remember.

Graphix Unlimited shares a few ways to make your cards an effective marketing tool.

Make a Difference

business cardsBusiness cards can do more than just bear information about you or your company. You can use them as a vehicle to support a cause and make a difference. This will help recipients get a better understanding of who you are as a person or what your company can offer to the society. Social impact will make your card memorable.

Include a Photo

Put a photo on your business card so clients will remember your face long after they have met you. This will also increase your likeability factor and make you recognizable from your competitors. Just make sure to avoid mug shot like photos; use studio or casual portrait. The right image will help you leave an impression in a professional manner.

Add Credibility

Add a brief quote or include the tagline of your business on the back of the card. It is also a good idea to add a customer testimonial or a line from a memorable testimonial to add credibility and help customers relate to your business. You can also find other creative ways to use that extra space that otherwise goes to waste.

Make it Functional

There are plenty of creative ways to give your cards a purpose. Turn it into a note card, a sticker, a scratch card, or bookmark. By making it into a functional piece of paper, clients will remember your business.

Engage Recipients

Add an interesting fact or a piece of trivia that relates to your business. It is also a great idea to include a question that will spur recipients to know more about your company. Engage and challenge people when they read your card, and your business will stand out.

Apart from designing an appealing card, make the handoff memorable. Use it to start a conversation to better understand clients’ needs and interests.

Buying a Used Car? Here’s How to Properly Inspect its Form

Modern Market June 22, 2015 at 6:24 pm

used carThinking of rewarding yourself with a car, but don’t have that much cash to spend? Consider buying a used car instead. But, it can oftentimes become an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t really know much about cars — more so if you plan on purchasing a used one. While there are plenty of things you must check when buying used cars, start by knowing how to inspect a car’s overall form. Here’s how:

  • First off, check the car on a level surface, so you’ll be able to inspect the tires more clearly and notice if there’s any drooping.
  • Examine the car’s paint job and check for any scratches, dents, and rust. Check the car’s side sections from on-end and see if there’s waviness that shows past paint work. Work your fingers along the joints’ edges between the panels — rough patches can mean residue of masking tape adhesive.
  • Expect the tires to be worn; but it must be worn evenly and must match. Check for feathering or bad alignment on the tires’ surfaces. Also, look at the spare tire and then compare the other tires’ treads to see if it’s really a complete spare.
  • Check if the trunk is in good form. See if there are rust and entry points of water from holes or cracks.
  • If possible, check the underside of the car when it’s safely and stably suspended to check for possible rust and to examine the exhaust system. Black spots may indicate leaking and grease grime is also a critical issue. If you see white vapor—when you’re not in cold weather—upon starting the car, this can be an exhaust problem.
  • Never purchase a car with major frame damage. Pay close attention to the saddle, which keeps the top portion of your radiator in place and connects front fenders—this must be firmly bolted in and not merely welded. Check for welding marks on door jambs and scrutinize bolt heads to see if there are scratch marks, which could indicate realigned or replaced fenders.

Now that you know how to inspect the form of used cars, educate yourself on how to properly examine what’s under the hood, the car’s interior, and how to properly test drive one.

Reaching Up With Elevated Work Platforms

Modern Market May 29, 2015 at 12:00 am

workAcross various industries, the availability of equipment and machinery is an important factor to consider in the carrying out of day-to-day operations. As such, there are several options that people can turn to for their specific job needs.

Business owners, for example can choose from any number of companies that offer access hire. Perth is just one area where service providers abound.

Of course, in jobs such as construction, there are times when builders need to be working at dizzying heights. They need to complete tall buildings inside and outside. Thanks to the presence of reliable access equipment, they can work efficiently and safely, even from way up high.

Elevating Work Platform

The elevating work platform (EWP) is a group of equipment that you need to get the job done at incredible heights, while staying safe and sound. Before getting used to a particular type of EWP, however, you have to fully understand the concerns that go along with using them.

Operational Power

You can choose an EWP that is powered by an internal diesel engine or one that is powered by batteries. Whatever their power source, it is important to choose an EWP that can manage level and uneven ground.

License Types

The typical EWP certification covers those machines less than 11 meters which include the trailer lift, boom lift, scissor lift and vertical lift. If you see other EWP machines longer than 11 meters, a person would need special high risk permits to operate them.

Keeping Safe

Especially when hiring equipment, do not accept elevating work platforms delivered at your job site without the necessary instruction manuals and other documentation. It is a must that you test the EWP
before using it. You should first test the emergency descent control system and your operators must be knowledgeable about this.

Working on sites close to powerlines requires special safety practices. Be extra careful when in situations like this.
EWPs may be great solutions for reaching new heights, but keep in mind that safety should always come first.

Don’t Start Your Company Without These People

Modern Market May 13, 2015 at 7:16 pm

assertive employeeBusinesses thrive on people. The owners may be the ones in charge, but it’s ultimately the employees who do the work and reel in the profits. Hiring the right persons for the job becomes paramount for business startups aiming towards stability, expansion and eventually, success.

The question is, what kinds of employees should companies hire? Here are kinds of people companies should have in their ranks:

The tech savvy

While it’s almost impossible for businesses to operate without technology, it’s much more so without people to manage them. Broken equipment affects not only the operations but also the profits of businesses. Companies that invest heavily in computers should always have tech savvy people. The site suggests hiring IT staffing services in Saint Paul, Minnesota to give companies the technology they need and improve their productivity. More productivity means more profits, as well.

The teacher

Business owners have different responsibilities and they can’t always be there to teach their employees how to do things. Companies should have trainers or subject matter experts to cascade the processes to employees easily, this giving executives more time to focus on other aspects of running their businesses.

The ‘people’ person

Business startups usually struggle from stabilizing their operations in the first few months. Thus, they should hire knowledgeable and experienced employees to keep them afloat. Having Human Resource personnel will help them hire employees that are not only fitting for the job description, but also capable of handling the workload. HR people also help companies boost morale through teambuilding and other employee engagement activities.

The sweepers

A well-organized workplace contributes to productivity and profits. That’s why companies should have in-house maintenance crew of cleaners, plumbers, mechanics and other people to keep the workplace in good shape.

Employees focus and produce more output at work if the office looks tidy and everything works perfectly.

Companies can’t function properly and reach greater heights without people. Hiring tech savvies, people persons, teachers and sweepers not only makes their work easier, but also improves their performance and produces more returns of investment.