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Factors that Affect the Results of Your Botox Treatment

Woman getting a botox

Botox can be used for various medical reasons, such as excessive sweating and headaches, but its most common use is for cosmetic purposes. These include eliminating smile lines, furrowed brows, and also enhancing wrinkled skin. Not everyone who gets treated is satisfied with the results, however. This is due to a number of reasons like the […]

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Discreetly Realigning the Teeth

a woman wearing Invisalign

Straightening the teeth can be a comfortable and user-friendly experience for patients of a contemporary dentist. Invisalign is a clear aligner that uses low-visibility materials and a precisely-shaped design to make treatment discreet and convenient. Having Invisalign in Sydney CBD will improve the appearance and effectiveness of poorly-positioned teeth. Long-term improvements This modern realignment process […]

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Straight Teeth at Any Age

Beautiful woman with straight teeth

Picture a winning smile and a straight set of teeth comes to mind. Achieving this often means undergoing treatment with braces. In Leeds and elsewhere across the UK, braces are often associated with metal-mouthed teenagers. However dental technologies have come on in leaps and bounds over the years, making braces more discreet and comfortable than […]

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Considerations in Looking For an Assisted Living Facility

Nurse taking care of seniors

Our loved ones deserve the best care in their old age. The freedom of retirement allows them to do whatever they wish, but time is also trying to catch up with them. Institutions such as Cozy Retire provide assisted living facilities in Davis and Weber County. They provide help in caring for seniors, especially those who need […]

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Build a Thriving Dental Practice with 2 Practical Moves

A dentist performing a dental procedure on a woman

As a dentist, it is easy to prioritize your area of expertise which is in helping your patients improve their oral hygiene. It only naturally to stick to your comfort zone and relegate other areas of your business to the backburner, notes an expert in financial appraisals. Neglecting the business side puts your practice at […]