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For a Younger-Looking Skin: 3 Ways to Keep Wrinkles Away

A woman preparing to do her skin care routine

It’s still a long way before experts find the real “fountain of youth” (or if there will be one), but when it comes to keeping wrinkles and fine lines away, there are many things you can do. This can be a change of habit or with the help of an expert. Whether naturally or through […]

Health Week

Dentist Recommends: Why Limit Your Intake of Sugary Food and Drinks

Part of the many reasons people don’t like visiting the dentist is they don’t agree with the advice they receive. Other than asking you to brush properly with fluoride-based toothpaste, dentists will ask to make certain lifestyle changes. For example, they might ask you to lower your intake of sugary food and drinks. In a […]

Health Week

Do not take your teeth for granted

Sometimes we ignore our teeth until there is a problem but to keep your mouth problem free, it pays to look after them so that you can enjoy good oral health in the long-term. Caring for your teeth involves more than a quick brush twice a day, although proper attention at home is essential. Having […]

Health Week

Weight Loss: Why You Need to Do It Now

In a 2010 National Health Survey report, researchers found that 11 percent of adults in Singapore were obese. Putting it in perspective, in 2004, the obesity rate among people aged 18 and 69 years old was just 7 percent. There are many health risks and diseases linked to obesity. In a 2016 study, findings showed that obesity […]